lady chapel

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Lady Chapel

also lady chapel
A chapel, usually located behind the sanctuary in a cathedral or church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Lady Chapel

(Architecture) a chapel within a church or cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary

La′dy chap`el

a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
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Noun1.Lady chapel - a small chapel in a churchlady chapel - a small chapel in a church; dedicated to the Virgin Mary
chapel - a place of worship that has its own altar
church building, church - a place for public (especially Christian) worship; "the church was empty"
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A glass mirror in front of the altar allowing the public to view the ornate decorated ceiling showing the signs of the zodiac was also smashed, as was part of the pulpit, the organ, four panes of the Nativity scene in the Lady Chapel and a funerary urn belonging to a family.
LIVERPOOL Cathedral is inviting the public to 'walk into the New Year' with a reflective activity that revisits the life stories of the noble women depicted in the Lady Chapel windows.
EXHIBITIONS A Break With Tradition: 100 Years of the Contemporary Art Society, Victoria Gallery and Museum, until August 14; Lady Chapel Archive Exhibition, Liverpool Cathedral, until July 8; Liverpool Art Prize, Metal, Edge Hill Station, until July 10; Recent (and not so recent) Paintings by Grahame Ashcroft and Dave Bullock, View Two Gallery, until July 10; Interpretations, Gostins Gallery, until July 17; Picasso: Peace and Freedom, Tate Liverpool, until August 31; High Kicks and Low Life: The Prints of Toulouse-Lautrec, Walker Art Gallery, until August 8; Plantastic!, World Museum, until September 5; Reneke Dijksra: I See A Woman Crying, Tate Liverpool, until August 30; Works of Living Artists, Artroom Gallery, Parkgate, until July 4.
The Lady Chapel and the undercroft beneath it were built in the 14th century.
Organised by RoadPeace, anyone whose life has been touched by a road crash is invited to join the event in the Lady Chapel of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral on Saturday, from 2pm.
The medieval Lady Chapel was destroyed along with the cathedral roofs and the Stanley chantry chapel during the Manchester Blitz of 1940.
Either side of the entrance, the tent-shaped roofs of the Baptistry and the Lady Chapel continue the Gothic theme, a charming feature which allows natural light to flood the interior below.
tall glass wall, with glass panels weighing up to 2.75 tons each, are supported by a single, 8-ply glass beam and integrated into the 1888 cathedral structure to enclose its Lady Chapel.
A record 328 paintings and photographs were displayed in the side aisles and Lady Chapel and 43 were sold, with part of the proceeds going to church funds.
Commissioned to celebrate the re-installation of the Morris textile altarpiece, which can be seen in the Lady Chapel, the contemporary works reflect the themes and colours in the embroidery, as well as taking inspiration from the cathedral's stained glass windows, which were also created by the famous 19th century arts and crafts designer.
The Rev Bob Morgan died four years ago, aged 83, and a memorial, which will separate the Lady Chapel from the main part of the church, will be put up in his name.
Led by University of Reading archaeologist Roberta Gilchrist, 30 other scholars have dismissed the idea that Arthur and his queen were found in a wooden coffin deep down in the earth next to the Lady Chapel in 1181.