lady chapel

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Lady Chapel

also lady chapel
A chapel, usually located behind the sanctuary in a cathedral or church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Lady Chapel

(Architecture) a chapel within a church or cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary

La′dy chap`el

a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
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Noun1.Lady chapel - a small chapel in a churchlady chapel - a small chapel in a church; dedicated to the Virgin Mary
chapel - a place of worship that has its own altar
church building, church - a place for public (especially Christian) worship; "the church was empty"
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Commissioned to celebrate the re-installation of the Morris textile altarpiece, which can be seen in the Lady Chapel, the contemporary works reflect the themes and colours in the embroidery, as well as taking inspiration from the cathedral's stained glass windows, which were also created by the famous 19th century arts and crafts designer.
The Rev Bob Morgan died four years ago, aged 83, and a memorial, which will separate the Lady Chapel from the main part of the church, will be put up in his name.
Led by University of Reading archaeologist Roberta Gilchrist, 30 other scholars have dismissed the idea that Arthur and his queen were found in a wooden coffin deep down in the earth next to the Lady Chapel in 1181.
After finishing your shopping you can relax and unwind by having some quiet time and prayer in the Lady Chapel, listen to the Christmas entertainment or enjoy a cuppa and pork baps.
They stay in 'The Watching Loft', above the Lady Chapel open to the public all year round where the artist can be visited in her studio space.
Conditional phase 2 (Tc2) Restoration of the nave; Conditional Tranche 3 (Tc3) Restoration of the aisles and the Saint Maur; Conditional phase 4 (Tc4) Restoration of ambulatory; Conditional phase 5 (Tc5) Restore the Lady Chapel.
And in Osmotherley near Northallerton in North Yorkshire, Stone is working at the historic Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Grace, known as the Lady Chapel, to repair steps, carry out improvements to the internal decoration and complete vital structural repairs to the roof.
AFTER hundreds of years wondering what lay inside the 750-year-old Lady Chapel at St Patrick's Cathedral, visitors now have the chance to find out.
Art will be displayed in the aisles and in the Lady chapel of the 15th century church.
Scottish and Newcastle bosses, the High Sheriff of Newcastle and British Legion and RAF members are all expected to attend the dedication service, due to start at 11am, when the plaque will be blessed and hung in the Lady Chapel.
St Barbara's smaller Lady Chapel, funded and built by city industrialist Alfred Herbert in the memory of his wife Florence, also received a new burst of heat as a traditional boiler was installed.