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1. Characteristic of a well-mannered woman or girl who adheres to traditional norms of propriety and femininity: "As soon as boys can walk they are encouraged to do sports, while rambunctious girls are urged to be more ladylike" (Steve Olson).
2. Appropriate to such a woman or girl, as in being restrained or delicate: "She ate a small, ladylike forkful of her mashed potatoes" (Martha Southgate).

la′dy·like′ness n.


1. like or befitting a lady in manners and bearing; refined and fastidious
2. derogatory (of a man) effeminate
ˈladyˌlikeness n


(ˈleɪ diˌlaɪk)

of, pertaining to, or befitting a lady; well-bred; proper.
la′dy•like`ness, n.
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Adj.1.ladylike - befitting a woman of good breeding; "ladylike manners"
refined - (used of persons and their behavior) cultivated and genteel; "she was delicate and refined and unused to hardship"; "refined people with refined taste"


لائِق بِسَيِّدَه مُحْتَرَمَه
dobře vychovaný
dömulegur, fágaîur
hanım hanımcıkhanımefendiye yakışırkibar


[ˈleɪdɪlaɪk] ADJelegante, fino


[ˈleɪdilaɪk] adj [woman] → distingué(e); [clothes, manners, action] → digne d'une dame
Remember, grimacing is not ladylike → Souvenez-vous, faire la grimace n'est pas digne d'une dame.


[ˈleɪdɪˌlaɪk] adj (person) → ben educato/a, distinto/a; (manners) → da signora, distinto/a


(ˈleidi) noun
1. a more polite form of woman. Tell that child to stand up and let that lady sit down; The lady in the flower shop said that roses are expensive just now; Ladies' shoes are upstairs in this shop; (also adjective) a lady doctor.
2. a woman of good manners and refined behaviour. Be quiet! Ladies do not shout in public.
3. in the United Kingdom, used as the title of, or a name for, a woman of noble rank. Sir James and Lady Brown; lords and ladies.
ˈladylike adjective
like a lady in manners. She is too ladylike to swear.
ˈLadyship noun
(with Her, ~Your etc) a word used in speaking to, or about, a woman with the title `Lady'. Thank you, Your Ladyship; Ask Her Ladyship for permission.
ˈladybird noun
(American ˈladybug) a type of little round beetle, usually red with black spots.

lady's fingers

noun plural
the long sticky green pods of a tropical plant, used as a vegetable.
References in classic literature ?
I was the accomplished graduate of a dry goods store, where, by dint of ministering to the whims of fine ladies, and suiting silken hose to delicate limbs, and handling satins, ribbons, chintzes calicoes, tapes, gauze, and cambric needles, I grew up a very ladylike sort of a gentleman.
it was after all a raw fish; and all I can say is, that Fayaway ate it in a more ladylike manner than any other girl of the valley.
She was ladylike, too, after the manner of the feminine gentility of those days; characterised by a certain state and dignity, rather than by the delicate, evanescent, and indescribable grace which is now recognised as its indication.
Pip, except one - and she wasn't of this slender ladylike sort, and you wouldn't have caught her looking after this urn - unless there was something to drink in it." Wemmick's attention being thus directed to his brooch, he put down the cast, and polished the brooch with his pocket-handkerchief.
One day, after he had borrowed The Worm's trap for a lady who never existed, had used it himself all the afternoon, had sent a note to The Worm purporting to come from the lady, and was telling the Mess all about it, The Worm rose in his place and said, in his quiet, ladylike voice: "That was a very pretty sell; but I'll lay you a month's pay to a month's pay when you get your step, that I work a sell on you that you'll remember for the rest of your days, and the Regiment after you when you're dead or broke." The Worm wasn't angry in the least, and the rest of the Mess shouted.
"Because it is ladylike and proper," replied the Chief.
She's ladylike. It's likely her people were nice folks."
In the aspect of this dark-arrayed, pale-faced, ladylike old figure there was a deeply tragic character that contrasted irreconcilably with the ludicrous pettiness of her employment.
They don't SELL this hot water; no, you go into the great Trinkhalle, and stand around, first on one foot and then on the other, while two or three young girls sit pottering at some sort of ladylike sewing-work in your neighborhood and can't seem to see you --polite as three-dollar clerks in government offices.
Every moment of his life he's forming you, telling you what's charming or amusing or ladylike, telling you what a man thinks womanly; and you, you of all women, listen to his voice instead of to your own.
"More ladylike, and a better scholar than we, especially since he had taught 'ee so much.
these dear Moralists ask, and hint wisely that the gifts of genius, the accomplishments of the mind, the mastery of Mangnall's Questions, and a ladylike knowledge of botany and geology, the knack of making poetry, the power of rattling sonatas in the Herz-manner, and so forth, are far more valuable endowments for a female, than those fugitive charms which a few years will inevitably tarnish.