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A woman or girl who is someone's sweetheart.


rare a beloved woman


(ˈleɪ diˌlʌv)

a sweetheart or mistress.
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Noun1.ladylove - a woman who is a man's sweetheart
steady, sweetheart, sweetie, truelove - a person loved by another person
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The carrier, however, perceiving by the light of the innkeeper candle how it fared with his ladylove, quitting Don Quixote, ran to bring her the help she needed; and the innkeeper did the same but with a different intention, for his was to chastise the lass, as he believed that beyond a doubt she alone was the cause of all the harmony.
Look, Prior, hither cometh our cousin Sir Stephen, and his ladylove.
In one of his adventures, he meets Kitri, an innkeeper's daughter who he thinks is his ladylove Dulcinea.
However, not everyone is as admiring of Kapoor's attempts to woo his ladylove in the film, with some reviewers calling him "insipid", while one review brutally states: "The film's cardboard nature is exemplified by Shahid Kapoor.
Here, he meets Kitri, an innkeeper's daughter whom he thinks is his ladylove Dulcinea.
While actor-model Daniel Matsunaga wanted to keep his new relationship private, he soon went public with his new ladylove, Polish model Karolina Pisarek.
The lover leaves his ladylove and indulges in sexual pleasure with concubines.
The film is about a Naxalite whose ladylove realises that he died at the hands of the police through a newspaper report.
The 27 year-old is single and is looking out for his ladylove as well.
He'll probably just bask in the glory," said David, who is awaiting an official certificate which will be displayed on a pen shared by Bertie and his ladylove tortoise Shelly.
In contention for the Elysian is an assemblage of cutout characters, led by the meritorious if somewhat metaphysically constipated Sam Black and his nymphomaniac fellow novelist and ladylove, Katherine Burns.
After their affair came to be known in 2006, the professor and his ladylove were publicly humiliated and their faces were smeared.