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Any of various plant-eating mammals of the order Lagomorpha, having fully furred feet and two pairs of upper incisors and including the rabbits, hares, and pikas.

[From New Latin Lagomorpha, order name : Greek lagōs, hare; see slēg- in Indo-European roots + Greek morphē, shape.]


(Zoology) any placental mammal of the order Lagomorpha, having two pairs of upper incisors specialized for gnawing: includes pikas, rabbits, and hares
[C19: via New Latin from Greek lagōs hare; see -morph]
ˌlagoˈmorphic, ˌlagoˈmorphous adj


(ˈlæg əˌmɔrf)

any member of the order Lagomorpha, comprising the hares, rabbits, and pikas and resembling the rodents but having two pairs of upper incisors.
[1880–85; < New Latin Lagomorpha < Greek lagṓ(s) hare + -morpha, neuter pl. of -morphos -morph]
lag`o•mor′phic, lag`o•mor′phous, adj.
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Noun1.lagomorph - relative large gnawing animalslagomorph - relative large gnawing animals; distinguished from rodents by having two pairs of upper incisors specialized for gnawing
eutherian, eutherian mammal, placental, placental mammal - mammals having a placenta; all mammals except monotremes and marsupials
Duplicidentata - in former classifications considered a suborder of Rodentia coextensive with the order Lagomorpha: gnawing animals
Lagomorpha, order Lagomorpha - rabbits; hares; pikas; formerly considered the suborder Duplicidentata of the order Rodentia
leporid, leporid mammal - rabbits and hares
mouse hare, pika, rock rabbit, cony, coney - small short-eared burrowing mammal of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America
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Area management practices like the use of prescribed burns in Montecillo Santa Cruz, seems to influence directly in population fluctuations of this species of lagomorph, and could cause abrupt changes in their densities in short periods of time.
The eastern cottontail is the only lagomorph in northwest Indiana.
Remains of eight orders of land mammals, including insectivores, chiropterans, a lagomorph, a large carnivore, rodents, horses, a prosynthetocerine, and a gomphothere, have been recovered.
1993, Lode 1996) or even a lagomorph specialist (Blandford 1987, Lode 1997).
Cervantes), and the IUCN/SSC Lagomorph Specialist Group (grant from the Sir Peter Scott Fund to F.
Eight of the species we documented are endemic to Mexico including one didelphimorph (Tlacuatzin canescens), four rodents (Hodomys alleni, Osgoodomys banderanus, Peromyscus melanophrys, Sigmodon mascotensis), two bats (Glossophaga morenoi, Artibeus hirsutus), and one lagomorph (Sylvilagus cunicularius).
However, mortality due to predation seems low for these lagomorph species, and does not show a clear pattern along the productivity gradient.
The distribution of lagomorph material (jackrabbits, Lepus; cottontails, Sylvilagus) among central Texas deposits is seemingly so ubiquitous in time and space as to be uninformative of changing environmental conditions.
Thus, the capture of one lagomorph would represent a greater return on the hunting investment made by bobcats.
1975) reported short-term fluctuations in lagomorph abundance associated with variation in rainfall in southeastern New Mexico.
Roadside surveys conducted on the Central Plains Experimental Range in 1994 and 1995 suggested that lagomorph densities were lowest in winter and highest in summer and autumn (Lindquist et al.