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Iagophthalmia, lagophthalmus

a persistent, abnormal retraction of the eyelid so that the eyeball is not covered during sleep. — lagophthalmic, adj.
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Usage of bipedicle flap and midface lift in the treatment of lagophthalmus developed after blepharoplasty: Case report.
CORNEAL OPACITY 38.90% LAGOPHTHALMUS 14.28% ENTROPION 6.34% ECTROPION 9.52% KERATITIS 14.28% TRICHIASIS 4.76% SYNECHIAE 7.93% KERATOPATHY 4.76% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Local side effects may include ecchymosis, hematoma, ectropion, entropion, loss of facial sensitivity, epiphora, dry eye, lagophthalmus, photophobia, diplopia, ptosis, lip drooping, and nasal discharge.