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Variant of lamejun.
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Elhoussan explained that lahmejun, a flatbread with ground meats and spices, often referred to as Middle Eastern pizza, is available in an Armenian version, a spicy style made with lamb and beef, and a Lebanese style, made with lamb and pine nuts.
It's lahmejun. In their version of this Armenian open-faced lamb sandwich, the Kezirians of Los Angeles mingle the tastes of other cultures with this popular snack.
Lahmejun takes the most time to make, but it can be made ahead and frozen.
Fold baked lahmejun around a variety of purchased foods and eat like a taco.
These are the condiments the Kezirians offer with lahmejun: at least 20 stalks celery, with tops; 2 to 3 cups salt-cured olives; 3 to 4 large cucumbers, sliced; about 1 1/2 pounds pear-shaped Roma-style tomatoes, cored and wedged; at least 20 green onions with tops, ends trimmed; 2 to 3 large cans (7-oz.
Spread the raw lahmejun on pieces of cracker bread; you can top portions with raw vegetables, chilies, or cheeses.
For raw lahmejun, set aside 1 1/2 cups; cover and chill as long as overnight.
Bake in a 500| oven, 1 or 2 pans of lahmejun at a time, until tortilla rims are well browned and meat looks dry, 8 to 10 minutes; alternate pan positions halfway through baking.
Serve lahmejun as baked, at room temperature, or reheated.
Makes 24 baked lahmejun, about 10 servings, and about 2 tablespoons raw lahmejun for each of 10 servings.
He also makes lahmejun (lah-ma-joon), an Armenian pizza topped with ground lamb, and other delicacies to reheat at home.
Look for other Armenian delicacies such as kheyma (raw ground lamb, meatballs with a spiced nut filling, simmered in broth), lahmejun (Armenian pizza, made with lamb), and sarma (rice wrapped with grape leaves).