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(ˈleɪ əˌsɪz əm)

the nonclerical, or secular, control of political and social institutions in a society.


1. the nonclerical, or secular, control of political and social institutions in a society.
2. lay participation in church matters. Cf. clericalism. — laity, n.
See also: Catholicism
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Ozcan, on the other hand, asserts that after the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia there has been a shift from the dominance of the French type of authoritarian, exclusivist and monopolistic laicism to a pluralistic understanding of secularization, influenced by the resurgence of political Islam brought through the Ennahda Party.
Keywords: University of Navarra, Second Vatican Council, Postconciliar Theology, Secularly, Laicism.
To him, secularism is "on the idea of worldliness," while laicism "emphasizes the distinction of the laity from the clergy" (5).
The constitutional principle of french laicism post Charlie Hebdo
Thus, despite his abolition of caliphate (1924), despite his opting for laicism and wholesale Westernization, despite his turning his back on the Muslim East, Kemal was still hailed as Ghazi and Saiful Islam ("The Sword of Islam"), and he retained the "Ghazi" title throughout his life, prizing it as a trophy.
You have to combat ideas with ideas, with a philosophy of life, with a rethinking of democracy, with new ideas about laicism and with a good plan of how to integrate Muslim communities into European societies.
34) To regard laicism as "antireligious secularism" would be to ignore the regime's religious policy and its intent to control religion.
Speaking to Today's Zaman on the issue, yE-tar GE[micro]zaydyn, a professor of law and politics, also drew attention to the need for a tolerant interpretation of secularism, saying: "Though it may be a convenient choice for the founding elite of Turkey to prefer laicism, the current state of human rights and democratic governance requires that the state practices fully implemented secularism.
Muslims Against the Islamic State: Arab Critics and Supporters of Ali Abdarraziq's Islamic Laicism
His grandfather had indeed helped found the liberal Third Republic, which would eventually effect a policy of laicism, or secularization, that sent Catholic religious into exile and unraveled the ancient thread of educational and devotional practices that had kept France worthy of the honorific "the oldest daughter of the Church.
Here Laicism seeks to create a neutral public space in which religious belief, practices, and institutions have been pushed into the private sphere.
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