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Adj.1.laid-off - having lost your job
unemployed - not engaged in a gainful occupation; "unemployed workers marched on the capital"
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The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) organised Tuesday a press conference shedding light on the situation of laid-off public company workers and that of laid-off journalists.
As per certain contracts, the laid-off employees involved in unions will be eligible to get income and benefits for a year.
Summary: <p>BEIRUT: The Samir Kassir Eyes (SKeyes) Foundation held a meeting on Monday to express solidarity with laid-off employees at several Lebanese media outlets.
Under the federal COBRA program, laid-off workers have the right to temporarily keep their group health coverage under their former employer's medical plan, if the employer had 20 or more employees.
Laid-off employees were given severance packages, which included placement support and counseling, according to Mr.
When CSX reduced its workforce, the company and its employees' union agreed to a forced transfer arrangement under which laid-off employees were allowed to choose among three options: They could transfer to a new location and come back to work for CSX, remain laid-off and forfeit any further temporary benefits while retaining their employment rights, or leave the company after receiving a lumpsum payment.
Shame hangs heavy over the economic landscape: the shame of the newly laid-off, the shame of the chronically poor.
Because these companies' sales orders and profit margins never fully recovered (and many of the workers' jobs were automated), they never recalled most of their laid-off workers to their former positions.
At press time, however, all of the laid-off employees had yet to be paid, leaving many in a significant financial hole.
Joanne Rygh, now retired, was a teacher at Pomelo Elementary School 20 years ago when the laid-off fabric salesman knocked on her school's door offering his services for free.
The Partial Claims Program allows employers to keep trained staff partially employed during slow business times and allows temporarily laid-off employees to receive partial UI benefits.
Under an arbitration ruling last year, the carrier must recall the laid-off pilots once passenger volumes return to the level of before the 11 September attacks.