lake bed

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Noun1.lake bed - the bottom of a lakelake bed - the bottom of a lake      
bed, bottom - a depression forming the ground under a body of water; "he searched for treasure on the ocean bed"
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Findings, published last week in Scientific Reports, detail analysis of the core and imaging of the structure of the sediments below the lake bed.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 4, 2016-Santa Fe Gold Acquires Holdings in New Mexico's Playas Lake Bed Area
Target: Holdings in the Playas Lake Bed Area of Hidalgo County, New Mexico
Two years ago, a group of eight of us were diving in Llyn Padarn when, just below the site of the old quarry hospital and the current rail tracks, we came across the wagon lying on the lake bed about 20 metres down.
A dry lake bed was last observed in 1994--an occasion in which the water didn't return to the lake in any substantial way for over three years--and previous studies by scientists from Lund University, Sweden, also suggest that similar events occurred in the 1940s and 1970s.
Digital terrain mapping and mineralogical analysis of the features surrounding the deposit indicate that this one-time lake bed is no older than 3.
The lake bed sort of looks like a desert surrounded by pine trees.
The introduced tobacco flourishes in places, and, from the appearance of many upright, decayed stems of the plant far out in the water, seems to have had a more extensive range on the lake bed than at present.
Lowering sterilized equipment including a camera into the hole, the researchers retrieved 30 liters of lake water along with sediment cores from the lake bed.
Tenders are invited for Desilting of lake bed, improvements to tank bund, construction of wet land, waste water diversion, construction of water way cum bridge, construction of drain for improvements of lake inlets and out lets, silt trap, screen barrier, idol immersion tank, formation of contour bund, construction of walk way and allied works as per KSB, KSRB, MORTH and IS specification.
Therefore, lakes that are completely frozen show up on satellite images as very dark while those that are not frozen to the lake bed are bright.
The reduction of the lake bed serves to expose the pondweed which in turn dies back.