lake bed

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Noun1.lake bed - the bottom of a lakelake bed - the bottom of a lake      
bed, bottom - a depression forming the ground under a body of water; "he searched for treasure on the ocean bed"
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The vehicle has been roaming around the Gale Crater, a dry lake bed on Mars, to find traces of ancient life.A
When fish are in the cooler water near the lake bed, you'll just have to fish deep.
An object which is likely a cement block was spotted on Wednesday afternoon on the lake bed.
The corroded weapons neatly stored in a wooden box and deep on the lake bed are suspected to have been dropped or dumped in the lake by colonialists.
Scientists reported Thursday that NASA's Curiosity rover has found potential building blocks of life in an ancient Martian lake bed. Hints have been found before, but this is the best evidence yet.
The habitats now cover nearly 11 acres of lake bed in GRDA-managed lakes.<br />
Imagine a giant sloth walking on a dried lake bed in New Mexico, 11,000 years ago.
travel to a dry lake bed 100 miles east of Reno, where temperatures
Since desiccation mudcracks form only where wet sediment is exposed to air, their position closer to the center of the ancient lake bed rather than the edge also suggests that lake levels rose and fell dramatically over time.
Landowners surrounding parts of the fabled lake are claiming ownership of the lake bed, thereby controlling access to the water itself.