lake bottom

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Noun1.lake bottom - the bottom of a lakelake bottom - the bottom of a lake      
bed, bottom - a depression forming the ground under a body of water; "he searched for treasure on the ocean bed"
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Also, when these typically big algae blooms die they accumulate in the lake bottom sediments where microbes degrade this carbon input.
The black volcanic lake bottom, which does not reflect sunlight, allows a special type of algae to thrive and serve as feed for the fish species in the lake.
"The very unique thing about the wreck of the Manasoo is that it sits on the lake bottom at the very same dramatic angle at which it sank," said Mr Merryman.
We live in tents and clean up not only on the lake bottom, but also its coast.
Race's false teeth fell in the water so he stayed behind to scour the muddy lake bottom.
In general, the lake bottom of Noell Lake slopes gradually from the shoreline inwards, except on the western and northeastern shores, where considerably steeper slopes exist.
The lake bottom is littered with logs, stumps and brush that provide the ideal habitat for specks, or black crappie as they are also called.
If the state owns the water, does that mean it is open to the public or do landowners have a say in what takes place over their lake bottom?
The survey covered 190,000 square miles of the ancient lake bottom that is now the Great Basin.
An official with the Environmental Protection Agency said Xcel Energy's first efforts to demonstrate the practicality of the wet dredge method for contaminated lake bottom sediment removal at the Ashland Superfund location have been largely successful.
Shawn Richards tells the Mail Tribune that divers had to search with their hands because of poor visibility on the lake bottom.