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Noun1.Lake whitefish - found in the Great Lakes and north to Alaskalake whitefish - found in the Great Lakes and north to Alaska
whitefish - silvery herring-like freshwater food fish of cold lakes of the northern hemisphere
Coregonus, genus Coregonus - type genus of the Coregonidae: whitefishes
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Nature of Fish--In 1899, lake whitefish were brought from Lake Superior to Idaho and planted in Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho's largest at almost 95,000 acres.
In this study, Lake Whitefish (Coregonus cluspeaformis) were collected in Lake Michigan, near Muskegon, Michigan using monofilament gill nets and a semiballoon bottom trawl during April--November, 1998-2001.
Scheerer and Taylor (1985) estimated that annual mortality rates of commercially exploited stocks of lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) in Lake Michigan ranged from 56% to 77%.
The lake whitefish is a prime commercial species of the upper Great Lakes, according to Michigan Sea Grant.
In many other Adirondack waters, the rise of smallmouth bass, yellow perch and rainbow smelt may have coincided with the disappearance of round whitefish and the closely related lake whitefish. This is why DEC has made it illegal for anglers to transport or spread non-native species to new waters.
For example, coincident with the loss of Diporeia, the condition, energy density, and abundance of lake whitefish has declined in Lakes Michigan, Huron, and Ontario (Mohr and Nalepa 2005).
First 15 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, russet potato, lake whitefish, chicken fat, sweet potato, whole eggs, turkey, salmon meal, salmon and anchovy oils, salmon, natural chicken flavour, sunflower oil, sun-cured alfalfa ...
The shallow lakes, rock pools, and streams associated with the delta are important spawning areas for lake trout, Arctic gray ling, lake whitefish, goldeye, northern pike, yellow perch, and walleye.
Lakes salmon Gulf Coast blue crab Channel catfish (wild) Lake whitefish Lowest In Mercury Catfish (farmed) Blue crab (mid-Atlantic) Croaker Fish Sticks
Effects of egg composition and prey density on the larval growth and survival of lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis Mitchell).

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