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adj, lakier or lakiest
(Colours) of the reddish colour of the pigment lake


(ˈleɪ ki)

adj. lak•i•er, lak•i•est.
of, pertaining to, resembling, or abounding in lakes.
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As for specialised institutes, the Oncology Institute of St Elizabeth won, and in the category "other hospitals", TETIS (a specialised children's rehabilitation hospital) took the top position, while among spas, Nimnica spa, Natural Iodine Spa iz and Laky spa were ranked at the top, while the Stos, Vysne Ruzbachy and Slia spas were evaluated as the worst by 3,000 respondents.
Interdiction Plus Trooper William Connors was requested to assist with his K9 Laky.
Folk singers Ahmed Mughal, Ambar Mahak, Manzoor Sakhirani, Hubdar Ali Sakhirani, Hamal Faqir, Sanwal Sang group, Akhtiar Khushik and Laky Baloch performed in the musical programme.
She is the author of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture (1991), Gyongy Laky (2003), and co-author of Makers: a History of American Studio Craft, intended as both an important resource for the field and a much-needed college-level art history survey.
Early identification of malnourished patients, as well as those at risk of malnourishment, is imperative to minimize undesirable outcomes throughout the clinical course in radical cystectomy (Cunha Cde et al, 2014; Laky, Janda, Cleghom, & Obermair, 2008).
Originations and balances have grown to the level where they are outpacing auto sales as more consumers choose to finance rather than pay cash for their vehicle," Jason Laky, senior vice president and TransUnion's auto and consumer lending business leader, said.
Kassie, F; Laky, B; Gminski, R; Mersch-Sundermann, V; Scharf, G; Lhoste, E; Kansmuller, S.
Wide, Hassan Laky , SPLMA/IO representative disembarking the aircraft
I'm used to feeling pain due to my history with heartburn, but this felt different," said Lakhvinder, known as Laky, who is married to husband Paranjit.
24 Bertl K, HaririanH, Laky M, Matejka M, Andrukhov O, RaushFan X: Smoking influences the salivary histamine levels in periodontal disease.
Las dos obras mas importantes de Ibn Taymiyya son: La politica conforme a laky religiosa para la reforma del pastor y del rebano y La via de la Sunna profetica en la critica del discurso chiitay qadarita.