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"Come home, now," he cried, "an' stop yer jawin', er I'll lam the everlasting head off yehs."
And he's got savvee enough to know from now on that that same stone wall will be always there ready for him to lam into."
They was hard fightin' there, an' some guy in the hotel lams that coal down from the second story window.
But a pro-government politician warned that the bill's withdrawal was not enough to end the protests, which have increasingly focused on greater democracy and demands for Ms Lam's resignation.
Lam's remarks came a day after an audio recording emerged of her saying she would quit if she had "a choice", CNN reported.
While Lam did not contest the authenticity of the video, she denied discussing her resignation with mainland China officials or even contemplating to resign.
She is stepping off the Lam board to devote time to her current role.
Lam repeated that the government has already 'postponed' the proposed extradition bill and fails to see why she should meet further demands because of the pressure of protests.
Ms Lam, from Llandaff, was driving the Nissan and was taken to the University Hospital of Wales following the incident, but died.
The move comes despite Ms Lam declaring the effort to amend a highly contentious extradition bill "dead".
This followed mass demonstrations last month against Lam's extradition bill, which critics fear could see Hong Kong citizens being sent for trial in the mainland.
In many respects, the extradition law introduced by Lam represented an extension of Chinese President Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign to Hong Kong, and was intended to avoid further incidents like Chinese security officers' 2017 abduction of tycoon Xiao Jianhua from the city.