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Noun1.lambchop - chop cut from a lamblambchop - chop cut from a lamb      
chop - a small cut of meat including part of a rib
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A concern here could be the spice overpowering the meat, especially on a cut as prime as a lambchop. My Delhi's chefs got them spot on.
Lambchop Yes of course, homelessness and the housing crisis is completely the fault of immigrants moving to the UK and being net contributors to the economy and absolutely no the fault of successive governments' lack of investment in housing, this Goverment's austerity agenda and the bailing out of banks to the tune of hundreds of billions.
Fearless and playful, grandly ambitious with an exotically intimate core, Kurt Wagner's Lambchop are one of Music City Nashville's strangest and most entrancing creations.
LAMBCHOP is a Nashville band centred around singer and songwriter Kurt Wagner.
"The broken boiler meant we got half of New Order on our record." Alongside collaborations with Weller and Marr, Different Days includes spoken contributions from Lambchop's Kurt Wagner and Rebus author Ian Rankin.
The company is also coming out with a new look for its popular Lambchop dog toy.
With the rise of great bands including Bright Eyes, Wilco, Calexico, My Morning Jacket and Lambchop, so too came a tidal wave of guff which led to the inevitable hangover.
Earlier this year, Lee Kennedy, senior designer at Dewsburybased graphics bureau Lambchop Creative, was chosen by Theo Paphitis as a winner of his weekly Small Business Sunday competition.
Earle often works with his friend, Jason Isbell (the former Drive By Trucker now fronting his own band, the 400 Unit) but at the Caedmon he will have with him the much sought-after guitarist/steel-guitarist, Paul Niehaus, who has graced countless albums but is mostly associated with Calexico, Iron & Wine and Lambchop from a mighty long list.
This growing power of the 'puppy pound' is highlighted by an anecdote from the general manager at Italy's Hotel Splendido in Portofino, who tells the story of a wealthy American couple who spend a month in a suite there each year with their dog, Lambchop.
The creative liberty of putting together Oh No I Love You, which includes collaborations with Lambchop, My Morning Jacket and Factory Floor, is something he has enjoyed.
Wednesday LAMBCHOP (not to be confused with the sock puppet) once declared itself to be "Nashville's most f***-up country band".