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While "there is a lot to like," he believes there remains too much uncertainty around visibility into the consumer segment and sees the company in "a bit of a lame duck period" until new management takes over with CEO Sheila Lirio Marcelo transitioning into a new role as Executive Chairwoman, Aftahi tells investors.
House Majority members believe that President Rodrigo Duterte would one-up his predecessors but not having "lame duck" phase.
There seems to be a deliberate push to force Uhuru into being a lame duck, and this is most noted with the attack on the Presidency by some Mt Kenya politicians.
After Commando Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau received a vicious slash from Lame Duck Kurt Brown (Australia's own), the Ducks gave up a short-handed goal and were faced with a 6-2 deficit.
We've always been the lame duck, and we're not the lame duck anymore.
Duterte claimed he was a 'lame duck' President who doesn't care about the critics 'screaming' against his war on drugs and unconventional anti-criminality campaign.
She slammed the government for presenting what she called a 'lame duck budget'.
| In politics, a "lame duck" is an elected official whose successor has already been elected.
The John Birch Society has set up a legislative alert, "No Lame Duck TPP Trade Deal," at to enable easy e-mailing to members of Congress with the same message.
Critique: "The Lame Duck" is an impressively entertaining read from beginning to end, and clearly showcases author Bernard Leo Remakus as an especially gifted novelist with a remarkable storytelling talent.
Cameron then hit back at taunts he was a "lame duck" for declaring he wouldn't serve three terms.
The morning after the Democrats' resounding defeat in the midterm elections last November, the world seemed ready to bestow a new title on President Obama: lame duck.