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n. Informal
A stupid person; a dolt.

lame′brained′ (-brānd′) adj.


informal stupid or slow-witted
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But Simon Pegg's original rib-tickler is no lamebrained spoof.
There's more sort of an anorexic point of view about body issues." And don't get him started on gay cinema: "'Gay film' means 'stupid kind of lamebrained date film with pecs.'"
Despite these many reservations, this book will come in handy as a hard-science rejoinder to lamebrained students and cranks who invariably show up at public lectures with the stupid and dangerous contention that Jews are a race.
Gary Brana-Shute reports that Elstak referred to the NCOs as "lamebrained boy scouts," (16) and, according to Edward Dew, Chas Mijnals, one of the NCO leaders, described Col.
The result is plenty of lamebrained pseudoscience, transforming academics into the Dukes of Duh.