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 (lä′mĭd, -mĕd′)
The 12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. See Table at alphabet.

[Hebrew lāmed, of Phoenician origin; see lmd in Semitic roots.]
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Noun1.lamedh - the 12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Hebraic alphabet, Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew script - a Semitic alphabet used since the 5th century BC for writing the Hebrew language (and later for writing Yiddish and Ladino)
alphabetic character, letter of the alphabet, letter - the conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech; "his grandmother taught him his letters"
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participle plus a lamedh preposition "remember" (p.
In support of his understanding of the declaration of sale formula, Dusek cites WDSP 1.10, which attests a word order in the sallit phrase that is different from the word order in the sallit phrases from other papyri (i.e., in WDSP 1.10 the lamedh preposition + name of slave appears before sallit rather than after it); but this seems less relevant to the declaration of sale formula, which uses the perfect verb zbn, since many other formulae that also use finite verbs have a very consistent word order.
Spirants are represented contradictorily: "Lamedh" but "Yod" (p.