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n. pl. la·mel·lae (-mĕl′ē′) or la·mel·las
One of the thin scales, plates, layers, or membranes in an organism, as one of the gills of a mushroom or one of the thin sheets that make up certain bones.

[Latin lāmella, small thin plate, diminutive of lāmina, thin plate.]

la·mel′lar adj.
la·mel′lar·ly adv.


(ləˈmɛl ər, ˈlæm ə lər)

1. referring to a lamella or lamellae.
la•mel′lar•ly, adv.
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13) Mikroperforasyon gelisme orani lamellar diseksiyonda en yuksek (%26,3), Anwar'in buyuk hava kabarcigi tekniginde ise en dusuk (%5,48) olarak bulunmustur.
The Hoffman-Weeks method, which was derived by the TG equation in association with the Hoffman-Lauritzen (HL) theory (21) by introducing additional approximations regarding the lamellar thickness, determines the equilibrium melting temperature as the intersection between the linear extrapolated [T.
It expects to file an IND for its number two candidate KB105 for lamellar ichthyosis in Q4.
Upper floor: Approximately prepare (grind) 745 m 2 screed surface; Approximately 830 m 2 primer (primer) on screed and wood-based panels; Approximately 35 lfdm separation rail; Approximately 830 m 2 upright lamellar parquet, Oak d = 23 mm (glued); Incl.
4] Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) has been used as an alternative to PK in the last few years in cases with intact endothelium, such as stromal scar, stromal dystrophies, and keratoconus.
Biotechnology company Lamellar Biomedical reported on Friday the completion of a GBP5.
Objectives: To compare clinical outcomes of cases who underwent deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) and cases who were converted to penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) from DALK surgery.
Just above such zone, there is a transition where the aligned pores begin to get formed which is produced by the instability of the water crystals while changing from cellular to lamellar structures (Deville et al.
studied the effects of compatibilizer agents and processing conditions on the morphology and oxygen permeability of polypropylene (PP)/EVOH blends and observed that a lamellar morphology led to a dramatic decrease in the oxygen permeability of PP/EVOH blends [12], Huang et al.