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 (lə-mĕl′āt′, lăm′ə-lāt′)
1. Having, composed of, or arranged in lamellae.
2. Resembling a lamella.

lam′el·lat′ed adj.
lam′el·la′tion n.


(ləˈmɛl eɪt, ˈlæm əˌleɪt)

also lam′el•lat`ed,

1. composed of or having lamellae.
2. flat; platelike.
[1820–30; < New Latin]
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Histopathologically, LP shows orthokeratosis, hypergranulosis, compact and lamellated hyperkeratosis, and elongation of rete ridges.
Another well-defined, encapsulated somewhat lamellated solid mass without airlucencies was identified in the left lower abdomen inseparable from the left ovary abutting and displacing the sigmoid colon medially (Figure-1, C and D).
Lamellated outer dendritic segments of a chemoreceptor within wall-pore sensila in the labial palp-pit organ of the butterfly, Pieris rapae L.
* Microscopic examination revealed a cyst wall composed of lamellated ectocyst with chronic inflammatory cell in pericyst, consistent with the diagnosis of hydatid cyst of broad ligament.
reported that SAPHO syndrome revealed osteosclerotic and osteolytic patterns, solid periosteal reaction, external bone resorption, and bone enlargement, whereas suppurative osteomyelitis demonstrated an osteolytic pattern, a lamellated periosteal reaction, and cortical bone perforation [15].
A computed tomography (CT) scan was performed due to his atypical presentation to the emergency department, which showed cholecystitis with a distended gallbladder containing a 21 mm solitary lamellated calcified calculus.
The accumulation of [alpha]-synuclein leads to lamellated eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusions, called "Lewy bodies" in the neuronal body, and to the insoluble polymers (Lewy neurites) in neuronal processes, astrocytes, and oligoden-droglial cells [104, 67].
Ultrastructural analysis shows intracellular osmiophilic, lamellated membrane structures with a concentric pattern called myelin bodies or with elongated stripes called zebra bodies.
The patient underwent a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which revealed multiple nodular lesions throughout both cerebral and cerebellar hemispheres with an unusual lamellated pattern of enhancement.
Histologically, a well-circumscribed, lamellated mass of vital bone is seen underlying benign-appearing stratified squamous epithelium [7, 8].
Caffey disease affects infants with lamellated periosteal reaction, transient and less dense.
Another observation related to lipid structure is the lamellated membrane structures representing cell stress due to toxic drug effect.