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Mourned for: our late lamented president.

la·ment′ed·ly adv.
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grieved for or regretted (often in the phrase late lamented): our late lamented employer.
laˈmentedly adv
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(ləˈmɛn tɪd)

mourned for: our late lamented friend.
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Adj.1.lamented - mourned or grieved for; "the imprint of our wise and lamented friend"- A.E.Stevenson
unlamented, unmourned - not grieved for; causing no mourning; "interred in an unlamented grave"
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Our kind neighbours lamented that she, once so exalted in wealth and station, should be reduced to such extremity in her time of sorrow; but I am persuaded that she would have suffered thrice as much had she been left in affluence, with liberty to remain in that house, the scene of her early happiness and late affliction, and no stern necessity to prevent her from incessantly brooding over and lamenting her bereavement.
I shall never forget the wise and matronly advice you once gave me, when I lamented being disappointed of a ball, though you could not be then fourteen years old.
He lamented, in very pathetic terms, the encouragement she had given him, and made a high merit of the tedious hours in which he had undergone her conversation.--What shall I tell you, my dear Sophia?--Then I will confess the truth.
Being thus deprived of the means of his livelihood, he sat down on the bank and lamented his hard fate.
He lamented that the flooding would affect their drive towards ensuring sufficiency of rice production and food security in the country, saying millions of Naira had been lost to the flood.
He lamented that the problems of the disabled persons could not even find place in the manifesto of any political party or the programme of any independent candidates.Afridi said that disabled persons were presenting their genuine demands since long, but no one is paying heed to their problems.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) leader Khawaja Asif lamented on Tuesday that the person who started Pakistan's nuclear programme was hanged while the one who completed it has been jailed.
She lamented that on one hand girls education is getting good in number but on other hand, conservatism tide is on rise, which is food for thought for scholars.
He lamented the deterioration of the country's economy, asserting, 'Countries are not run through speeches.'
Islamabad -- Muslim League spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb lamented at PTI government, saying the real problem of the incumbent government was telling lies, which in turn evaporating the consecration of its actions.
Meanwhile, Trillanes lamented President Duterte's allegations about his parents.
Addressing traders at an event here earlier today, Imran lamented the current state of the countrys economy and vowed particular focus on the farming industry to lift the poor out of the vicious circle of poverty.