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n. Slang
A person regarded as inept or ineffectual.
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It was a very lame pretence on both sides; the lamer, because we both went into the coffee-room, where he had just finished his breakfast, and where I ordered mine.
Now get hence, or by the Sambhur that I killed (I eat no starved cattle), back thou goest to thy mother, burned beast of the jungle, lamer than ever thou camest into the world!
The data from this clinical study highlights the efficacy and faster onset of action of Purgenesis, as seen by a statistical reduction of the total number of wrinkles after only one day of treatment, compared to Prevage and LaMer. We look forward to evaluate the longer-term effects of our products in a future clinical trial.', says Devonian's President & CEO, Dr.
Lamer started with 200 cases each (600 retail units) of a 3-liter Sangiovese retailing for $47.99 (or $11.99 per 750 ml) and a Pinot Grigio at $39.99 ($9.99 per 750 ml).
He played doubles into his 70s and funded the three Lamer handball courts at the JCC.
Citing from Big M that a constitutional provision must be understood in the light of the interests it was meant to protect, Lamer CJC for the majority explicitly recognized that this principle applied equally to the interpretation of the Charter and to subsection 35(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982.
Chris Lamer of Lamer Roofing & Exterior Renovations Inc.
Chief Justice Lamer stated, "after all, we are all here to stay".
The John Phillip Sousa Band played their leader's new march, "Stars and Stripes Forever," at the corner of Lamer and Brush streets in Detroit.
This leads to muddled thinking; you have fewer relevant ideas or insights to share and your strategies get lamer. You actually become dumber.
Maybe I watched one of the much lamer episodes but it was very thin gruel indeed.