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(ˈlæm ə nə bəl)

capable of being laminated.
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References in periodicals archive ?, siendo la primer clase, C1, de caracteristicas pulpables aceptando rollos de hasta 8 cm DPF; la C2 de 18 cm a 24 cm DPF con caracteristicas para aserrio fino; C3 de 25 cm a 29 cm DPF para aserrio grueso y C4 de 30 cm a 35 cm DPF para laminable. La serie utilizada pertenece a los registros del COIFORM.
For example, the new Macs are the first computers to use flat batteries, for which Porous Power's easily laminable separators are especially well-suited.
The company also promoted flame laminable foams, dielectric sealable foams and sound absorption/anti-vibration foams.