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n. pl. lam·i·nae (-nē′) or lam·i·nas
1. A thin plate, sheet, or layer.
2. Botany
a. The expanded area of a leaf or petal; a blade.
b. The bladelike part of a kelp.
3. A thin layer of bone, membrane, or other tissue.
4. Zoology A thin scalelike or platelike structure, as one of the thin layers of sensitive vascular tissue in the hoof of a horse.
5. Cytology A thin layer inside the nuclear membrane of a cell that is composed of a meshlike network of protein fibers.
6. Geology A narrow bed of rock.

[Latin lāmina.]

lam′i·nar, lam′i·nal adj.


(Phonetics & Phonology) (of a consonant) articulated with the blade of the tongue. See also apical


(ˈlæm ə nl)
1. (of a speech sound) articulated with the blade of the tongue.
2. a laminal speech sound.
(1955–60; < Latin lāmin(a) blade (see lamina) + -al1]


(ˈlæm ə nl)

(1815–30; lamin (a) + -al1]
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Adj.1.laminal - arranged in or consisting of laminae
bedded, stratified - deposited or arranged in horizontal layers; "stratified rock"
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Spondylolysis of the lumbar spine: demonstration of defects and laminal fragmentation.
The system consists of a polyethylene band that uses the strength of the laminal cortical bone as well as a top-loading clamp with integrated set screw allowing implant insertion at any time during the procedure.
For English three aspirated [ph th kh] and three unaspirated stops [p t k] stops and for Pashto labial /p/ laminal coronal /t/ retroflex // and velar /k/ stops were the target sounds.
Heat stress can lead to a series of pathological changes that are characteristics of epithelial cell shredding, laminal edema and intestinal villus fracture in duodenal, jejunal and ileal mucosa of chickens (Liu et al.
It encompasses the process of degeneration of the intervertebral discs, osteophytosis of the vertebral bodies, hypertrophy of the facets and laminal arches, and ligamentous and segmental instability (21,22).
They were strictly maintained under the rules and regulations of the Animal Care and Use Committee-KEMRI (ACUC-KEMRI, Kenya) in specific pathogen-free conditions with laminal air flow.