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n. pl. lam·i·nae (-nē′) or lam·i·nas
1. A thin plate, sheet, or layer.
2. Botany
a. The expanded area of a leaf or petal; a blade.
b. The bladelike part of a kelp.
3. A thin layer of bone, membrane, or other tissue.
4. Zoology A thin scalelike or platelike structure, as one of the thin layers of sensitive vascular tissue in the hoof of a horse.
5. Cytology A thin layer inside the nuclear membrane of a cell that is composed of a meshlike network of protein fibers.
6. Geology A narrow bed of rock.

[Latin lāmina.]

lam′i·nar, lam′i·nal adj.
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(ˈlæm ə nər)

also lam•i•nar•y

(ˈlæm əˌnɛr i)

composed of, or arranged in, laminae.
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Adj.1.laminar - arranged in or consisting of laminae
bedded, stratified - deposited or arranged in horizontal layers; "stratified rock"
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, laminated
a. laminar, laminado-a, rel. a láminas; formado por capas.
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Furthermore, other studies have shown that experimental models of gastrointestinal obstruction/ ischemia can also promote lesions in the laminar tissue (RIO TINTO et al., 2004; LASKOSKI et al., 2010), which is supported by severe changes in laminar tissue reported in horses with natural colic syndrome not yet evidencing clinical signs of foot disease (LASKOSKI et al., 2009).
Aircraft wing airfoils are designed to generate lift, and they do a fine job of it when they're in a so-called laminar flow regime.
The symbol [gamma] is an intermittency term which takes on values of 0 when the flow is laminar and 1 when the flow is fully turbulent.
Tire VTH electric heater for air curtains is up to 40% more aerodynamically-efficient than other options because its placement does not disrupt laminar air pattern discharge.
Southbury, CT, April 05, 2014 --( FltPlan, the largest flight planning service in North America, is now integrated with Laminar Research's X-Plane 10 personal flight simulator software.
Beaumont developed a method to balance non-homogeneous fluid conditions across the stream of a laminar flowing fluid.
Flextraction, specialists in the dust and fume extraction industry, have introduced a Laminar Flow Booth to their extensive range of products and offer a modular unit in 2, 4 or 6m widths.
OThe numerous insects that encounter the front portions of the wings hinder the development of large laminar-flow, low-friction areas on the wing, rendering the effort to save fuel by using laminar flow ineffective,O Dominic Glos.
At higher angles of attack, the boundary layer thickens more dramatically, but the near-stagnant air slows even more and remains laminar. Laminar flow separates easily, so flow separates here, close to the wing.
Then, the re-laminarization phenomenon and region of weakened flow resistance were found according to the variation of pressure drop [DELTA]P affected by the velocity and solid mass fraction X throughout the flow regions, including laminar, intermediate, and turbulent flows.