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A polymer of glucose that is the main form of food storage in brown algae.

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(Biochemistry) a carbohydrate, consisting of repeated glucose units, that is the main storage product of brown algae
[C20: from laminar(ia) + -in]
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For instance, pachyman polysaccharides have antitumor activity, laminarin has hypoglycemic activity, reducing blood lipid activity, oat polysaccharides have antibacterial activity.
These benefits are derived from several of the kelp's components include polysaccharides (alginates), primary carotenoids (fucoxanthin), sulfated polysaccharides (fucoidan and laminarin) and polyphenols, which have skin-caring benefits related to skin inflammation, immune functions and detoxification.
berteroana were principally accounted for by alginate (Percival et al., 1983), which has adaptive functions in a coastal environment (e.g., with waves and water movement; Venegas et al., 1993), and by reserve components such as starch, mannitol and laminarin (Etcheverry, 1958).
Laminarin from Irish brown seaweeds Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria hyperborea: ultrasound assisted extraction, characterization and bioactivity.
Characterisation of a laminarin sulphate which inhibits basic fibroblast growth factor binding and endothelial cell proliferation.
Carbohydrates such as cellulose and floridean starch are present in cells; however, other complex polysaccharides accumulate in brown seaweed (alginate, laminarin and fucoidan), red seaweed (galactans) and green seaweed (ulvan).
Addition of seaweed (Laminaria digitata) extracts containing laminarin and fucoidan to porcine diets: Influence on the quality and shelf-life of fresh pork.
[29.] Walsh AM, Sweeney L, O'Shea CJ, Doyle DN, O'Doherty JV Effect of supplementing different ratios of laminarin and fucoidan in the diet of the weanling piglet on performance, nutrient digestibility, and fecal scoring.
rolfsii), cinerean, fructican, scleroglucan of Sclerotium glucanicum (DSM 2159), SCH from Contipro Biotech, Actigum CS 11 (scleroglucan), laminarin, dextran, xanthan, laminarihexaose (Megazyme, Wicklow, Ireland), beta-(1,6)-D-gentiobiose, yeast extract (Ohly, Hamburg, Germany), and glucose.
This study showed significant reduction in the phagocytosis of melanized yeast cells by macrophages, previously treated with mannan or laminarin; moreover, phagocytosis was virtually abolished when phagocytic cells were treated with mannan and Nacetylglucosamine in the presence of anti-CD18 antibodies, suggesting that macrophage internalization of melanized yeasts requires multiple receptors.
Typical polysaccharides found in seaweeds include agar, alginate, carrageenan, fucoidan, and laminarin [81].