laminated glass

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Noun1.laminated glass - glass made with plates of plastic or resin or other material between two sheets of glass to prevent shattering
glass - a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure
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But as Esposito notes, while most vehicle manufacturers use laminated glass only for the windshield (which is a safety requirement), an increasing number of builders--European marques, in particular (e.g., Porsche Cayenne, Volvo XC90, Mercedes E-class, Audi A8)--are putting the laminated glass in other areas.
Laminated glass, such as Solutia's KeepSafe, PGT's WinGuard, and Cardinal's SeaStorm, is the key element in hurricane-resistant windows and patio doors.
Said to be shatter-proof, the laminated glass panel radiator is heated over its entire surface via an invisible heating element offering stunning looks, optimum heat efficiency and easier cleaning.
Laminated glass caused the bomb to bounce off the window and may have saved the family's lives.
Laminated glass and site-applied window films are gaining ground as preferred retrofit options for special situations.
Standard laminated glass consists of two or more plies of glass bonded by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) plastic interlayer.
Lumiglass Industries, a subsidiary of Glass LLC which is wholly owned by Dubai Investments, has nearly doubled its production capacity of laminated glass with the installation of a new pre-laminating unit.
Lumiglass Industries, a subsidiary of Glass LLC, wholly owned by Dubai Investments PJSC, has unveiled three new brands of eco-friendly laminated glass designed to meet a wide variety of application requirements.
Keeping occupants safe and secure, as well as thwarting smash and grab opportunists, the company uses laminated glass on more models than any other manufacturer, further contributing to its BICSA wins.
Since windows are the weakest of all barriers to noise, the team developed an innovative window assembly, featuring heavy panes of laminated glass separated by eight inches of air space and rubber gaskets, to dramatically reduce the sound levels.
In consultation with Komfort's architectural glass design team, it was decided to create laminated glass beams with a laminated glass ceiling.