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Noun1.lamp house - housing that holds a lamp (as in a movie projector)lamp house - housing that holds a lamp (as in a movie projector)
housing - a protective cover designed to contain or support a mechanical component
cine projector, film projector, movie projector - projects successive frames from a reel of film to create moving pictures
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The Lamp House Not too much is known about this yet.
With Spectrometer, Long Neck & In Build Varner Light Fitted including all the lens should be anti-Fungal Coated, With Sodium Light, Lamp House, Power Supply
Windowpanes of the lamp house on the southern side of the main temple are broken, and the wooden rack near the main entrance of the Mahabodhi temple, where the shoes of pilgrims and devotees are stacked, was partly damaged.
Progress included preparation of the main mine adit, construction of mine offices and trackless equipment maintenance facilities, installation of mine electrical and ventilation systems, and construction of a mine-water treatment facility, a dry and lamp house, a training center, and other ancillary facilities.
Khalil made these remarks during an Iftar organized by Amal movement at the Lamp House restaurant in Beir al Abed.
Yet, I'm aware that I'm out of step with current thinking on these matters, as the audio genie has sprung out of the lamp house and into the countryside, courtesy of the highly fashionable podcast.
Miners are a superstitious lot and the old timers always kept a barometer in the lamp house.