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Noun1.lamp housing - housing that holds a lamp (as in a movie projector)lamp housing - housing that holds a lamp (as in a movie projector)
housing - a protective cover designed to contain or support a mechanical component
cine projector, film projector, movie projector - projects successive frames from a reel of film to create moving pictures
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LED lamps are usually designed to fit into a typical bulb socket and this means that the whole driver must be integrated into the lamp housing. As the lifetime of electrolytic capacitors is much shorter than that of LEDs, this greatly reduces the lifetime of the whole unit.
The vehicle features restyled triangular-shaped headlights, revised front and rear bumpers, a new fog lamp housing, sleeker Cascading grille, redesigned bonnet, newly designed boot, an aggressive set of alloy wheels and sportier LED tail lamps with new graphics, an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.
The new V-Cross will get updated revised front grille, aggressive headlamps, L-shaped LED DRLs, tweaked fog lamp housing and a blacked out B-Pillar.
On the outside, changes include a new dual-tone colour scheme with a blackened-out roof, blackened front grille, fog lamp housing and headlamp inserts, and a new design for the alloy wheels with metal sheen finish.
The two keepers--Jacobs and Simpson--were out on the narrow balcony just below the lamp housing, Simpson smoking a cigarette, old Jacobs with his binoculars hanging around his neck, useless against the glare in the east.
Tail-lights stretch across the tailgate while the separate reverse lamp housing grants far better visibility than any pick-up while backing up.
The lamp housing is constructed of copper-free aluminum for light weight and high strength, and aluminum alloy reflectors with high gloss finish provide efficient and even light distribution.
Other benefits of this design are related to reliability; because the LED heat sink and light engine is not directly coupled to the lamp housing, the heat generated by the LEDs has been isolated so that it has a minimum impact on the power supply temperature increase.
Brewer UV Systems, which has offered its customers a range of UV curing products for 40 years, now offers super compact shuttered lamp housing, which features a shutter design that enables the reflector insert panels to be changed without taking the lamp housing apart.