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A written attack ridiculing a person, group, or institution.
tr.v. lam·pooned, lam·poon·ing, lam·poons
To ridicule or satirize in a lampoon.

[French lampon, perhaps from lampons, let us drink (from a common refrain in drinking songs), first person pl. imperative of lamper, to gulp down, of Germanic origin.]

lam·poon′er, lam·poon′ist n.
lam·poon′er·y n.
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A work, as a novel or play, that exposes folly by the use of humor or irony:
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The top coaches still carry a lustre (the so-called luxury managers), but countless others merely hang on in a world of hounding and lampoonery.
They at last agreed to do this in a spirit of lampoonery, of satire, of scorn.
Now Dave Bradbury from Shepley has designs on the world of cartoons and lampoonery. The 48-year-old, whose stone carvings and cast-iron sculptures have been commissioned by everyone from night club owners and local councils to cruise ship companies and the comedian Bill Bailey, is now combining his artistic talents with an eye for the wry and witty.
The classic 1980s cast are reuniting to ensure its lampoonery is as biting as ever.