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A dark igneous rock, having porphyritic texture, in which both the phenocrysts and the matrix consist of hornblende, pyroxene, and biotite.

[German Lamprophyr : Greek lampros, clear (from lampein, to shine) + French porphyre, porphyry (from Old French porfire; see porphyry).]
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(Geological Science) any of a group of basic igneous rocks consisting of feldspathoids and ferromagnesian minerals, esp biotite: occurring as dykes and minor intrusions
[C19: from Greek lampros bright + -phyre, from porphyry]
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Between them, the OED, W2, W3, the online Unabridged Merriam-Webster, Funk & Wagnall's, and the Century Dictionary offer these words beginning with lampro-Lamprocolius lampron Lamprophane lamprophanite lamprophoner lamprophonia lamprophony lamprophyllite lamprophyre lamprophyric lampropid Lampropidae lampropoid Lamprops Lampropsidae Lamprosoma Lamprotes Lamprotinae Lamprotornis Lamprotornithinae lamprotype
Many foreign and domestic scholars have studied rock deformation [4-6], the damage and stress memory effects of sandstone [7], the crack expansion rule during the rock failure process [8-10], the fracture instability mechanism and outburst proneness of coal and rock mass [11-14], the mechanical properties of lamprophyre upon encountering water [15], and the mechanical properties of various other rocks via the AE technique.
used the simplex algorithm to evaluate clastic reservoir [7] and lamprophyre reservoir [8], using BFGS or DFP to evaluate oil-bearing igneous for better results [9].
Group 2 comprises quartz syenites, alkali quartz syenites, syenites (315 [+ or -] 15 Ma), feldspathoid syenite, and ijolite (297 [+ or -] 4 Ma; [3]), carbonatite, lamprophyre, and associated pegmatite and fenites.
Additionally, one hole at Black Dog has also intersected a lamprophyre. This is a very important and exciting piece of the puzzle at Treasure Island as lamprophyres are an intrusive rock that are commonly associated with lode gold deposits in Archaean terranes around the world.
(2000b), lamprophyre magma in the Moldanubian Zone was separated from a hydrated lithospheric mantle as a result of thickening of the crust and of intensive melting of subducted deeper parts of lithospheric crust and rocks at the crust/mantle boundary.
AVON DIATRMES: KIMBERLITE, ALNOITE or LAMPROPHYRE? Potassic, ultramafic intrusive rocks cropout over an area[sim]50 [km.sup.2] in Ste.
In order to verify the accuracy of the derived formulas when calculating the first and the periodic breaking span of thick and hard roof and also compared with the accuracy of traditional beam theory, the 20-meter-thick hard lamprophyre of 8212 working face of Tashan Coal Mine in Datong, China, is selected as the calculation object.