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(each of a different variety) rolled away to long ranges of grass crested with elaborate cast-iron ornaments; and below, in a hollow, lay the four-roomed stone house which the first Patroon had built on the land granted him in 1612.
According to report Additional Commissioner revenue Shaheed Benazirabad Mohammad Yousuf Abbassi heard the cases and decided that administration of Sanghar at that time did not consider the Land Grant policy rules for allotment of government land and deprived poor growers of their genuine right.
Shaheed Benazirabad (revenue) additional commissioner Yousuf Abbasi took action over the land grant allowed by then executive district officer (EDO) of revenue in the wake of inquiries by National Accountability Bureau and complaints to ombudsman.
Dreamal Worthen (2004) capture the legislative intent of the 1890 act: "to respond to pressure by agricultural scientists and agricultural interest lobbies for appropriations to cover the costs of residential instruction for the more complete endowment and maintenance of White land grant institutions" (447-448).
He had received a Land Grant consisting of 1175 acres in Ascott Township.
SUKKUR -- Tug of war between the taxation officers and land grant officials has been heightened, which according to the informed sourcesis due to the removal of encroachments from the city area.
Additionally, there have been no studies discussing the click-through rate nor the accessibility of content on 1890's land grant Extension websites.
First, there were efforts to start urban land grant universities or land grant universities for the cities.
The Deans and former Deans of Ag Colleges gather at the Farm Foundation's bi-annual Round Table whose topic was "The Future of Land Grant Universities" held last month in Columbus, OH.
Land Grant Whether an institution is a land-grant institution or not.