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A board that is equipped with wheels and usually bindings for the feet or a seat and is ridden on land, as in kite landboarding.
intr.v. land·board·ed, land·board·ing, land·boards
To engage in landboarding.

land′board′er n.
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(Skateboarding) a narrow board, with wheels larger than those on a skateboard, usually ridden while standing
ˈlandˌboarding n
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Member of Kweneng Land Board and also Chairperson of Thamaga sub landboard Mr Fredrick Malebye raised this concern at the Land Board's July sitting recently.
The Redcar Kiteival, in its third year, showcased powerkite sports, attracting kitesurfers and freestyle kite buggy and kite landboard specialists from across the UK.
At 3pm on a particularly windy Tuesday afternoon in October, there are three or four riders out on the waves, while one man known as "Tall Paul" is turning corkscrew loops in the air while being pulled along on a landboard.
FOR awesome surf, stunning scenery and some of the UK's best beaches hit Watergate Bay and attend its Extreme Academy to learn to surf, kite surf, mountain board, traction kite, kite buggy or kite landboard to indulge your thrill-seeking side with world class instructors.
Southampton teenager Jack Spencer's Kite Landboard design was named overall winner, scooping him pounds 5,000 and a nine-month work placement at Audi's Design Studio in Germany.
He said the landboard managed to allocate 314 plots against the targeted 300, further noting that a new target of 500 plots had been set for the current financial year.
On the water, kitesurfers competed in freestyle and course racing competitions, while on the beach competitors pulled tricks for points in the freestyle kite buggy and kite landboard events, with points counting in the race to become British champions.
At any encounter with the Mahalapye subordinate landboard, despite the agenda stipulating any other issues relating to the authority's mandate, the issue of the ban on allocation of land at the village always dominates the day's discussions.
On the water, expert kitesurfers will compete in freestyle and course racing competitions while on the beach, competitors will be pulling tricks for points in the freestyle kite buggy and kite landboard events.
For his part, the chairman of Ngwaketse Landboard, Mr Mosimanegape Mophuting implored residents of Thankane, especially the youth not to confine themselves only to their village of birth, but seek plots in other areas in the country as the law allows citizens to apply anywhere they wish.