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 (lănd-grā′vē-ĭt, -āt′)
The rank and office of a landgrave or landgravine.


(lændˈɡreɪvɪɪt; -ˌeɪt) or


1. (Historical Terms) the domain or position of a landgrave or landgravine
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the domain or position of a landgrave or landgravine


(lændˈgreɪ vi ɪt, -ˌeɪt)

the office, jurisdiction, or territory of a landgrave.
[1650–60; < Medieval Latin landgraviātus]
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The third quartering has been preserved very poorly, but on the basis of the identification of the first two quarterings, the figure could be a lion for the landgravate of Thuringia or for the margravate of Meissen.
The crests on top of two of the helmets on the stove tile discussed here could be the crests for the archmarshalship of the Holy Roman Empire and the landgravate of Thuringia.
(187) He urged the abolition of primogeniture and entail in those states that continued them, such as New York, for which he recommended the "division and subdivision of those manors, or landgravates, which now confer upon their owners an influence, so incompatible with a true republican government." (188) This system, he warned, was a "latent poison which threatens to convulse, if not destroy it." (189) Tucker might only recommend such a plan for New York, but he believed that Congress could impose it on new states: "And if Congress have power to establish these regulations in the western territory of the United States, (of which I see not much reason to doubt,) they ought to constitute a part of the fundamental laws of that country, whenever it shall be settled." (190)