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Owning or having no land.

land′less·ness n.
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[ˈlændlɪsnɪs] Nsituación f de los desposeídos (de tierra)
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With all her might she crowds all sail off shore; in so doing, fights 'gainst the very winds that fain would blow her homeward; seeks all the lashed sea's landlessness again; for refuge's sake forlornly rushing into peril; her only friend her bitterest foe!
The Samar provinces have been a stronghold of armed rebels due to their densely forested mountainous areas, high poverty incidence, and the issue of widespread landlessness, according to a 2013 study of William Norman Holden of the University of Calgary in Canada.
As Duterte delivers his SONA, the most pressing problems have remained unresolved human rights violations, contractualization, low wages, privatization of services, Charter change, landlessness, foreign intervention in the economy, politics and military, the group said.
Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja pledged his commitment to assist the Ministry of Lands to facilitate their operations within the county and reduce landlessness.
Before his death, he helped poor folk in Aurora province in their campaign against mining projects, landlessness, illegal fishing and timber poaching.
He said instead of waiting for the President's so-called "blessing", the Speaker wannabes should have tackled ways to resolve the pressing issues hounding the country--China's aggression in the West Philippine Sea, labor contractualization, poverty and landlessness of country's poor farmers.
The rapid urbanization of Pakistan has been driven in part by widespread rural landlessness, entrenched social discrimination and violent conflict in the country's peripheries, which has led to millions streaming to cities in search of security and economic opportunity, pushing up housing demand.
When it came to key priority areas, respondents said access to healthcare was extremely important, followed by the economy and jobs, the environment, poverty and landlessness.
Various areas where land surveys have been launched in Lamu include Pate, Kiunga, Mwambore, Mokowe, Kiangwe, Kiwayu and Faza.The objective of the entire resettlement programme is to reduce the already bloated population of squatters and landlessness in the region in the next four years.
He promised that if the economy improved, his government would correct past imbalances such as landlessness, because the residents of Francistown deserved it.
Landlessness is positively correlated with illiteracy in our data.