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Owning or having no land.

land′less·ness n.


[ˈlændlɪsnɪs] Nsituación f de los desposeídos (de tierra)
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With all her might she crowds all sail off shore; in so doing, fights 'gainst the very winds that fain would blow her homeward; seeks all the lashed sea's landlessness again; for refuge's sake forlornly rushing into peril; her only friend her bitterest foe
The peace talks should address the socio-economic conditions of landlessness, depressed wages, inaccessible social services, burdensome taxes, and state repression among others as these are the material problems that propel the cause for an armed struggle.
According to the 2016 Indian Exclusion Report released by the Centre for Equity Studies (CES) the rate of landlessness was highest among Dalits, at 57.
Allowing foreigners to own land will not only worsen landlessness in the country.
Matagal na po 'yung sinasabi natin na (We've been calling for them to) address the problem of poverty, landlessness, social injustices and no amount of a military formula will really address it.
For generations, agriculture has been a site of inequality, landlessness and exploitation.
Landlessness remains low in Viet Nam and is positively related with income.
With this, we expect that long-standing issues such as landlessness, land grabbing, and feudal exploitation of the farmers, the root causes of the armed conflict (between the CPP-NPA and the government) will be addressed, and support the release of the 12 arrested farmers," Palabay said.
It identifies immediate steps that need to be taken to address key obstacles to achieving durable solutions, including but not limited to occupation of land by State actors, landlessness, land disputes, and lack of assistance.
The key findings of these studies are: (1) The so-called semi-feudal relations, which are characterised by practices such as labour attachment, have virtually vanished giving way to free labor, and share cropping has greatly reduced; (2) Landlessness has risen, but then the population has also risen while land hasn't; (3) There has been an increase in incomes and assets in all classes (one study shows that the poor/lower castes have gained more-casual labor wages have risen); (4) In some areas the input prices are deemed to be high (implicitly suggesting inefficiency); (5) Out-migration has risen all along permitting a regular flow of remittances; and (6) The cropping pattern in some areas has changed in response to markets.
The spirit of Edsa and that of the struggle before it, went to waste because of the inability of the succeeding administrations to address the reform calls in a significant way so that poverty, joblessness, landlessness and other social and economic maladies have either remained the same since martial law or have worsened," Tuazon explained.
Landlessness and dependence on wage labour, in this meticulously documented yet highly readable story, creep up on the unsuspecting Lauje not through the actions of the state or any other external force, but as a result of their own desire to make some money by growing cacao on their abandoned swiddens instead of allowing it to lie fallow, thereby establishing private ownership rights to what in the past was effectively common land.