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Owning or having no land.

land′less·ness n.


[ˈlændlɪsnɪs] Nsituación f de los desposeídos (de tierra)
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With all her might she crowds all sail off shore; in so doing, fights 'gainst the very winds that fain would blow her homeward; seeks all the lashed sea's landlessness again; for refuge's sake forlornly rushing into peril; her only friend her bitterest foe
Landlessness and poverty - key grievances in El Salvadors 1980s civil war still linger in the form of a fragmented land tenure system.
The report also pegged Bengal as the number two state in terms of landlessness among rural households, which at 70 per cent is just below Kerala's 72 per cent.
Little has been done to address the nagging landlessness that pits "squatters" versus "absentee landlords" and the emerging challenges of youth unemployment.
The most common risks associated with displacement and resettlement processes include: landlessness, unemployment, homelessness, marginalization, food insecurity, loss of access to common property, and social disintegration.
The forced dispossession of lands and properties as well as the marginalization of disadvantaged groups led to the present issue of landlessness and poverty among the non-white population in the country.
As a matter of fact, poverty, inequality, and landlessness actually increased in Brazil under Lula, whose "Zero Fome (Zero Hunger) and Bolsa Familia (Family Basket) programs were financed by taxing the middle class and stable workers, as were the social welfare payment plans in Argentina and Uruguay.
The displaced people largely thrown to the space of landlessness and joblessness thereby faced involuntary migration.
While the Commission on Social Determinants of Health primarily focused on urban areas, the authors specifically noted that in order to assure equity between urban and rural areas the "exclusionary policies and processes that lead to rural poverty, landlessness and displacement of people from their homes" must be addressed and "sustained investments must be made in rural development" (Marmot et al.
In this pamphlet, Herzl argued that anti-Semitism is rooted in the landlessness of the Jews, a condition that prevents them from becoming a nation, a people who share a common territory and government:
19) Whatever the reasons for dislocation, the outcomes are nonetheless often quite similar: homelessness, landlessness, the loss of livelihoods and connection to important cultural and/or religious spaces, and in many cases physical and mental harm.
South Africa is still a deeply divided country, where poverty, landlessness, unemployment and violence blight the lives of many, even if civil war is no longer on the horizon.