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a. A traditional telephone line in which a telephone is connected to the public network by cables.
b. Telephone service provided by such cables: I don't have a landline; please call me on my cell phone.
2. An aboveground communications cable on land.
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Noun1.landline - a telephone line that travels over terrestrial circuits; "a land line can be wire or fiber optics or microwave"
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8 percent of households in Arkansas were landline only as of 2015; that tied the state with Missouri, while 12 other states reported having a lower percentage of landline-only households.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 1, 2016-Ofcom to examine landline prices
A spokesman of the local administration said here on Sunday that one control room had been set up in DCO Office with landline telephone numbers 041-9201491 and 041-9201492, whereas the second control room will work in CPO Office which can be contacted through landline telephone numbers 041-9200041 and 041-9200042.
To use Google's Fiber phone service, you'll need to attach the 'Fiber phone box' to an existing landline handset to make calls from it.
About half of Brits said they rarely or never use their landline phone, despite paying as much as PS25 a month for line rental.
Vodafone is reportedly planning to offload the landline assets of its subsidiary in New Zealand, and TPG Telecom of Australia is believed to be the prospective customer of these targeted assets.
At the same time, with the popularity of mobile phones growing across the globe, we tend to forget the importance of our reliable landline phone service.
PTCL the largest ICT services provider in Pakistan now brings for the first time in the country mobility for landline customers' through its SmartLink application.
Landline service providers won't have to pay to other service providers for transmitting calls
A landline phone is exactly what it sounds like: a phone that's connected to a remote electrical/ mechanical switching system by copper wires that are attached to poles or run underground.
PEOPLE keen for a chat over a landline on Teesside will soon have to include their area phone code.
The only time we would get calls on the landline was from telemarketers,'' said Justin Hodowanic, an 18-year-old college freshman from Atlanta.