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v. t.1.To inclose, or nearly inclose, as a harbor or a vessel, with land.
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The floods and landslides, which started in the first week of July, have affected a total of 64 districts in the landlocked country. (ANI)
Animal husbandry is the backbone of the landlocked country's economy as nearly 40 percent of the country's nomad population depends on animal husbandry for their livelihood.
The observer added that being a representative of a landlocked country, he and his delegation are delighted to be on the shore of the Caspian Sea.
LAHORE -- Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Friday that Afghanistan was a landlocked country; however, it could play an effective role for an improved connectivity between Central Asia and South Asia.
He said connectivity was also important for a landlocked country like Nepal. washington US Special Representative for Afghan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad on Friday praised Prime Minister Imran Khan's statement on the landlocked country and said it has the "potential to positively transform the region and give Pakistan a leading role".
The LCCI Vice President Faheem-Ur-Rehman Saigal said that Czech Republic is a beautiful landlocked country of European Union surrounded by Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.
figure By KALUME KAZUNGU The Eritrea and Ethiopia peace agreement signed in July will not have any negative impact on the implementation and operationalisation of the Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (Lapsset) corridor project.This is according to Lapsset Corridor Development Authority (LCDA) Chief Executive Officer Silvester Kasuku who downplayed emerging fears that the peace deal which has now created a close working relationship between the two former rival countries will enable Ethiopia, a landlocked country, to have access to the port in Asmara, which is in addition to Djibouti.
Wetang'ula wondered how the price of fuel is cheaper in Uganda yet it is a landlocked country. He said Parliament should scrap the levy and not postpone it.
South Sudan is a landlocked country, so it exports its oil crude through the Sudanese Port Sudan port on the Red Sea in return for special fees to the Sudanese government.
Ethiopia, a landlocked country, will start using the ports of Eritrea, which will increase turnover.