landlocked salmon

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Noun1.landlocked salmon - Atlantic salmon confined to lakes of New England and southeastern Canadalandlocked salmon - Atlantic salmon confined to lakes of New England and southeastern Canada
Salmo salar, Atlantic salmon - found in northern coastal Atlantic waters or tributaries; adults do not die after spawning
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Goodall said she was also impressed at the effort by Taiwan to protect the endangered Formosan landlocked salmon and the black-faced spoonbill.
* New York's only native salmon, Atlantic salmon spend their entire lives in freshwaters of the state and are usually called landlocked salmon.
Todd Matera: Brook trout (Holland Pond, Holland), bullhead (Ashumet Pond, Falmouth), carp (Connecticut River, Springfield), channel catfish (Connecticut River, Springfield), landlocked salmon (Stillwater River, Boylston), smallmouth bass (Quabbin Reservoir, Gate 8), sunfish (Quabbin, Reservoir, Gate 8), white catfish (Mashpee-Wakeby Lake, Mashpee), white perch (Coonamesett Pond, Falmouth), yellow perch (Triangle Pond, Sandwich).
copper line, a gut leader and a spoon for landlocked salmon. He caught
It also includes five percent of the Upper Hudson River watershed and extensive habitat for mammals like the moose, bobcat and black bear, and aquatic habitat for brook trout, landlocked salmon and small and large-mouth bass.
These findings have management implications in locations where landlocked salmon have the potential to interact with anadromous species of concern.
In comparisons using the most widely used mammalian (D-Ala6, Pro9, Ethylamide-mammalian) and salmon (D-Arg6, Pro9, NEthylamide-salmon) analogues, no differences in efficacy were found in landlocked salmon (Salmo salar, Crim et al., 1988a) but the salmon analogue was shown to be more potent in causing gonadotropin release in other species such as the rainbow trout (Oncorhyncus mykiss, Crim et al., 1988b).
Residents also say questionable logging practices have silted their pond, which contains some of the region's last remaining spawning habitat for brook trout and landlocked salmon. Tellingly, 100 of the 112 landowners have banded together, determined not to let Plum Creek tout Roach Pond as a success story.
You can even fish legally for bull trout - a federally protected species in most Oregon waters - or landlocked salmon if you know where to go and how to go about it.
Colin pioneered landlocked salmon fishing and his well stocked spring fed lakes have been regularly fished by South Wales anglers for many years.
When the blueback trout disappeared (due to overharvest and other environmental changes created by man) the brookie populations crashed and then were replaced by introduced smelt and landlocked salmon.