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One that owns land.

land′own′er·ship′ n.
land′own′ing adj. & n.


[ˈlændəʊnɪŋ] ADJterrateniente
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The moment that the peasant forsakes his life of toil pure and simple for the leisured existence of the landowning classes, he becomes intolerable.
They are drawn from two classes only, the old landowning class, and clerical families--"
I'm from a landowning family and I have two brothers.
They are primarily the landowning, tribal and caste and clan-based structures.
Studies by the Asia Pacific Policy Center (APPC) reveal that CARP has contributed to the 'observed changes in rural welfare in agrarian reform communities (ARC) and amongst landowning farmers.
The book describes the Mamluk stateAEs taxation and structure of its army, then investigates factors that tipped the balance toward protest, such as population and demographic changes, racial groups, rise of the Bedouin and Bedouinization, social mobility, the landowning class, and social malaise.
In the world of The August 5, there are two groups of people: the affluent, landowning Zunft and the Cottagers, thought only to be programmed to obey the Zunft.
The budgets of agencies such as Natural England and the Environment Agency have been severely cut, landowning interests fight or ignore wildlife protection laws with impunity, there is reluctance to ban damaging pesticides, and there are continuing delays in declaring marine protection zones.
Born Augustus Henry Lane Fox at Hope Hall, yorkshire in 1827 into a wealthy landowning family, he changed his name to Pitt Rivers after inheriting the 27,000-acre Cranborne Chase estate in Dorset from his great uncle which enabled him to carry out excavations on a grand scale on the land, which contained many archaeological sites.
This is a concern because farmers and other landowning businesses in the North are often unincorporated.
Description : The project engages a landowning clan whom will establish one of the first conservation parks in Natewa Tunuloa peninsula as part of the ongoing COMDEKS programme.
They're in politics, education, property, agriculture, landowning, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, the medical profession, plastics, finance, steel, building construction, ceramic, precious minerals, hospitality.