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land·race 1

A crop cultivar or animal breed that has been developed through traditional farming practices for many years in a particular locale without influence from modern agricultural science.

land·race 2

also Land·race (lănd′rās′, län′rä′sə)
A swine of any of several breeds first developed in Denmark in the 1800s, having a white coat and noted for its large litters.

[Danish : land, country (from Old Norse; see lendh- in Indo-European roots) + race, breed, race (from French; see race1).]


1. (Breeds) chiefly Brit a white very long-bodied lop-eared breed of pork pig
2. (Breeds) a breed of Finnish sheep known for multiple births
3. (Botany) botany an ancient or primitive cultivated variety of a crop plant
[from Danish, literally: land race]
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Hawkes's subsequent classifications (Hawkes 1956a, b, 1963, 1990) greatly reduced his landrace taxa, converging on seven species and seven subspecies (Hawkes, 1990; Table 4).
Mientras que otros estudios senalan que el numero de lechones nacidos vivos y destetados [24], y el tamano de la camada al nacer [30] fueron similares entre cerdas de las razas Large White y Landrace.
Verdazernoprodukt LLC in Sarajevo district has the status of a breeding and hybrid breeding center for pigs of three breeds: large white, landrace and duroc, and sells pedigree animals in more than 15 regions of Russia.
Caption: CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Swedish flower hens, a landrace perfectly adapted for cold weather climates; Scratching as the sun sets; Our home kept warm and welcoming with wood heat; Egg color wheel.
The Landrace breed was developed in Denmark by crossing the native pig with the Large White and has white skin.
Day one of the pig competitions saw a stand-off between Welsh and Landrace champions in the Modern Breeds section.
To explore the evolution of maize landraces in Southwestern China, 30 maize landrace populations were examined to characterize the B chromosomes (Bs).
The agromorphological performance of the Cateto Roxo Local garlic landrace performs best in terms of bulb mass and bulbil mass per bulb; whereas, Cateto Roxo Mineiro 1 and 2 are superior with respect to bulbil diameter per bulb.
29], reflejan diferencias en la composicion del calostro de varias razas, observandose que cerdas de la raza Duroc presentan de 4-6 veces mas proteina que la raza Landrace.
Cornell researchers are working to paint a more precise picture of dog diversity, and a Mongolian landrace of dogs is helping to fill in the blanks.
She also explains harvesting techniques and shares personal stories of traveling to different parts of the world to speak with farmers about how they restore and protect their native landrace seeds.
Mention must be made that in Copalau 5 local landrace, besides yield losses, salt stress caused a significant qualitative demise.