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1. The solid ground of the earth.
a. Ground or soil: tilled the land.
b. A topographically or functionally distinct tract: desert land; prime building land.
a. A nation; a country.
b. The people of a nation, district, or region.
c. lands Territorial possessions or property.
4. Public or private landed property; real estate.
5. Law The solid material of the earth as well as the natural and manmade things attached to it and the rights and interests associated with it.
a. An agricultural or farming area: wanted to buy a house on the land.
b. Farming considered as a way of life.
7. An area or realm: the land of make-believe; the land of television.
8. The raised portion of a grooved surface, as on a phonograph record.
v. land·ed, land·ing, lands
a. To bring to and unload on land: land cargo.
b. To set (a vehicle) down on land or another surface: land an airplane smoothly; land a seaplane on a lake.
2. Informal To cause to arrive in a place or condition: Civil disobedience will land you in jail.
a. To catch and pull in (a fish): landed a big catfish.
b. Informal To win; secure: land a big contract.
4. Informal To deliver: landed a blow on his opponent's head.
a. To come to shore: landed against the current with great difficulty.
b. To disembark: landed at a crowded dock.
2. To descend toward and settle onto the ground or another surface: The helicopter has landed.
3. Informal To arrive in a place or condition: landed at the theater too late for the opening curtain; landed in trouble for being late.
4. To come to rest in a certain way or place: slipped and landed on his shoulder.

[Middle English, from Old English; see lendh- in Indo-European roots.]
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pl n
1. holdings in land
2. (Agriculture) South African the part of a farm on which crops are grown
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At the same time that his agents were purchasing corner lots and entire blocks in the heart of the business section and the waste lands for factory sites, Day was rushing franchises through the city council, capturing the two exhausted water companies and the eight or nine independent street railways, and getting his grip on the Oakland Creek and the bay tide-lands for his dock system.
Consequently we have here everything favourable for much modification,--for far more modification than with the Alpine productions, left isolated, within a much more recent period, on the several mountain-ranges and on the arctic lands of the two Worlds.
From land to land is the most concise definition of a ship's earthly fate.
I looked with sympathetic awe and fearfulness upon the man, who in mid-winter just landed from a four years' dangerous voyage, could so unrestingly push off again for still another tempestuous term.
The immensity of the ocean, the fury of the breakers, contrasted with the lowness of the land and the smoothness of the bright green water within the lagoon, can hardly be imagined without having been seen.
And as we're looking for land and finding out about land, the quicker we begin to investigate the better.
But presently one evening they saw upon one hand what seemed like darker clouds, but which in the end proved to be land.
But after making six books about the adventures of those interesting but queer people who live in the Land of Oz, the Historian learned with sorrow that by an edict of the Supreme Ruler, Ozma of Oz, her country would thereafter be rendered invisible to all who lived outside its borders and that all communication with Oz would, in the future, be cut off.
Thus the Abraham Lincoln wanted for no means of destruction; and, what was better still she had on board Ned Land, the prince of harpooners.
"You will have to go to the Land of Oz to recover it, and your Majesty can't get to the Land of Oz in any possible way," said the Steward, yawning because he had been on duty ninety-six hours, and was sleepy.
One must have the prospect of a promised land to have the strength to move.
All this time the Doctor and his animals were running through the forest towards the Land of the Monkeys as fast as they could go.