landscape gardener

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landscape gardener

One whose occupation is the decoration of land by planting trees and shrubs and designing gardens.

landscape gardening n.
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Noun1.landscape gardener - someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractivelylandscape gardener - someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractively
architect, designer - someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings)
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جَنائني المناظر الطبيعيَّه
zahradní architekt
záhradný architekt
bahçe düzenleyen bahçıvan

landscape gardener

narchitetto dei giardini, paesaggista m/f
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(ˈlӕndskeip) noun
1. the area of land that a person can look at all at the same time. He stood on the hill surveying the landscape.
2. a picture showing a view of the countryside. He paints landscapes.
to do landscape gardening on. We are having our back garden landscaped.
landscape gardening
the art of planning and laying out gardens, parks etc.
landscape gardener noun
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As well as his radio work, the accomplished landscape gardener and author gave frequent talks on horticulture.
With help from a Prince's Trust-supported landscape gardener the local team transformed the gardens of 17 pensioners in Speke and also changed their lives for the better too.
Landscape gardener Darren Leigh Hudson, 24, of Hargrave Road, Solihull Lodge, saw red when he spied Stuart Yeomans on a nightclub dancefloor with Donna Rippon.
James McGuire, 40, landscape gardener, Benwell: If it gets over a certain amount there should be restrictions.
Said Brian, a landscape gardener: "I'm not looking to buy today but this is the second auction I've visited as part of my research.
A MAN who posed as a landscape gardener and tree surgeon to trick his way into the homes of vulnerable pensioners in north Warwickshire has been jailed for two years.
Allison, 36, has fallen for landscape gardener Scott Crawford, 39, the man she turned to for comfort after her husband's affair.
Later, at 9.40pm, Saffy hires a landscape gardener, little expecting her mum to set her sights on him romantically.
Her 74-year-old companion, a landscape gardener, broke his ribs but both were expected to be out of hospital within a few days.
Cushnie, 66, was a landscape gardener who ran his own business in Co Down, as well as featuring on the BBC Radio 4 show for 15 years.
Ms Ladson was marrying her landscape gardener fiance Adamafter three years together.
On the panel were organic guru Bob Flowerdew, award-winning designer Bunny Guinness and landscape gardener John Cush-nie, chaired by Peter Gibbs.

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