landscape gardener

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landscape gardener

One whose occupation is the decoration of land by planting trees and shrubs and designing gardens.

landscape gardening n.
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Noun1.landscape gardener - someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractivelylandscape gardener - someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractively
architect, designer - someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings)
جَنائني المناظر الطبيعيَّه
zahradní architekt
záhradný architekt
bahçe düzenleyen bahçıvan

landscape gardener

narchitetto dei giardini, paesaggista m/f


(ˈlӕndskeip) noun
1. the area of land that a person can look at all at the same time. He stood on the hill surveying the landscape.
2. a picture showing a view of the countryside. He paints landscapes.
to do landscape gardening on. We are having our back garden landscaped.
landscape gardening
the art of planning and laying out gardens, parks etc.
landscape gardener noun
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The landscape gardener was knocked off his 600cc Suzuki motorcycle and hit by an oncoming car in September last year.
I knew I was young to be having a hip replacement but, as a self-employed landscape gardener, I was in such pain that I was worried I might not be able to carry on working.
A LANDSCAPE gardener who murdered a 15-year-old schoolgirl told police he "switched" and attacked her with a brick after drinking shots of vodka mixed with rum, a court has heard.
A LANDSCAPE gardener who was jailed for defrauding a customer has lost an appeal against a court order he claims could ruin his livelihood.
A LITTLE CHAOS (12) KING Louis XIV (Alan Rickman) hires renowned landscape gardener Andre Le Notre (Matthias Schoenaerts) to transform the grounds of Versailles into a fantasia "of exquisite and matchless beauty".
Contract notice: B2c communications campaign to promote the services of the flemish landscape gardener in flanders (belgium).
The director makes his mark in front of the camera as King Louis XIV, who has hired renowned xiv landscape gardener Andre Le Notre (Schoenaerts) to transform the grounds of Versailles into a fantasia "of exquisite beauty".
Winslet's night, after all she is the star of new movie A Little Chaos - in which she plays a female landscape gardener working on the grand grounds at Versailles for King Louis XIV - but we can't help thinking that the Titanic star, below right, was outshone by her co-star Helen McCrory at the movie's London premiere.
In 2002, I wrote about the work of landscape gardener, teacher, and writer Thomas Ogren.
A WIRRAL man accused of murdering a landscape gardener on his own doorstep appeared at crown court.
Landscape gardener Darren was rushed to hospital in agony after allegedly being beaten up in broad daylight.
1783: English landscape gardener Lancelot 'Capability'' Brown died.

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