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1. An expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view: a desert landscape.
2. A picture depicting an expanse of scenery.
3. The branch of art dealing with the representation of natural scenery.
4. The aspect of the land characteristic of a particular region: a bleak New England winter landscape.
5. Grounds that have been landscaped: liked the house especially for its landscape.
6. An extensive mental view; an interior prospect: "They occupy the whole landscape of my thought" (James Thurber).
7. The orientation of a page such that the shorter side runs from top to bottom.
v. land·scaped, land·scap·ing, land·scapes
To adorn or improve (a section of ground) by contouring and by planting flowers, shrubs, or trees.
To arrange grounds aesthetically or maintain grounds as a profession.

[Dutch landschap, from Middle Dutch landscap, region : land, land; see lendh- in Indo-European roots + -scap, state, condition (collective suff.).]

land′scap′er n.


laid out by a garden designer
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Adj.1.landscaped - (of land) improved by gardening or landscape architecture; "carefully landscaped gardens"
improved - made more desirable or valuable or profitable; especially made ready for use or marketing; "new houses are springing up on an improved tract of land near the river"; "an improved breed"


[ˈlændskeɪpt] adj [grounds, park, area] → paysagé(e), paysager inv landscaped gardenlandscaped garden njardin m paysager, jardin paysagélandscape gardener njardinier/ière m/f paysagistelandscape gardening naménagement m de jardinslandscape mode nformat m paysagelandscape painter npeintre mf paysagistelandscape painting npaysage m
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From starting on his personal garden, Inos drew attention from friends who wanted their own landscaped views.
Profusely illustrated in full color to provide a visual accompaniment to an informative text, "Timeless Landscape Design" can enable any homeowner or aspiring landscape student to master the basic principles in developing truly enduring landscaped properties in all climate zones and conditions.
In Germany, old ironworks are being converted into beautifully landscaped parks, such as the one in Duisburg-Nord (1999).