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Fellow Jews who come from the same district or town, especially in Eastern Europe.

[Yiddish landslayt, from Middle High German lantsliute, natives, compatriots : lant, land; see landsman2 + liute, pl. of liut, person, people (from Old High German; see leudh- in Indo-European roots).]
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Tevye's landsleit could cope with tsarist pogroms, but not Nazi Einsatzgruppen.
(27) Immigrant families took in relatives as well as landsleit (those from their home towns in Eastern Europe).
Families provided household space for newly-arrived relatives as well as landsleit (those from their home towns in Eastern Europe).
Epstein might have been thinking of David, or he might have been thinking of his father's landsleit who had not escaped EuropeEichmann's trial had been broadcast here just half a year earlierwhen he noted in his decision that "recent history has proven the evil of an attempt at controlling the utterances and thoughts of our population." Whatever his inspiration, Epstein ruled in favor of Americans' right to buy and read Miller's novel.
In addition to providing instances of chain migration, landsleit, and extended kin networks, Shevitz documents the telling effects of emergent bourgeois culture and the cult of respectability on family life and congregational culture, especially in the middle and later nineteenth century.
Rather they started as peddlers or small business-people, used family, landsleit, and religious connections, and entered the middle class.