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adv. & adj.
To or toward land: sailing landward; the landward side of a coastal fortification.

land′wards adv.


(ˈlændwədz) or


towards land
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Adv.1.landwards - toward land; "landward, miles of rough grass marshes melt into low uplands"
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Instead, however, he paused at the corner of the building with his face turned landwards. Exactly fronting him now, about three-quarters of a mile away, on the summit of that strange hill which stood out like a gigantic rock in the wilderness, was St.
Shall I sing how at the first Leto bare you to be the joy of men, as she rested against Mount Cynthus in that rocky isle, in sea- girt Delos -- while on either hand a dark wave rolled on landwards driven by shrill winds -- whence arising you rule over all mortal men?
Some of the larvae entered the estuary and reached about 10 km landwards. Once the wind changed to the northern direction with a longer duration than in the previous event, the larvae that were inside the estuary were transported to adjacent coastal zone, but still remained near the mouth of the PLE and most of the larvae were distributed to the south and the north of the domain (Fig.
Liverpool has always seen itself as a city on the edge, looking out to the rest of the world rather than landwards to Britain.
2016, 2017) or LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging; also: light and radar) surveys, it has become evident that in addition to contemporary beach ridges, a number of ancient, buried or elevated coastal ridge and scarp systems can be found in various regions, not far landwards from the sea (Fig.
Editor's note: The following article originally appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of Landwards, the magazine of the U.K.
It appears that during the low sea-levels of the penultimate glacial period, a sheet of aeolian carbonate dune sand, derived from the exposed shelf carbonate sediments, extended landwards over a diverse landscape to cover beach sands on Marawah Island and extended landwards to cover both the deflated desert siliciclastic sands which underlie the coastal sabkha plains and Miocene strata further inland.
This is possibly caused by different sampling and analysing techniques and a wider habitat range (up to 16 m landwards from the waterline) compared to our study.
As the gravitational circulation develops in the PRE, the residual currents are landwards in deep channels and seawards in the western part of the PRE [20].
This fact indicates that the early Aptian transgression produced a landwards displacement of the facies belts, allowing that inland areas characterized by broad fluvio-lacustrine plains, such as the Cameros Basin (Enciso Gr), could be locally invaded by seawater, developing coastal-wetlands (Leza Fm).