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Noun1.language barrier - barrier to communication resulting from speaking different languages
roadblock, barrier - any condition that makes it difficult to make progress or to achieve an objective; "intolerance is a barrier to understanding"
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Language barrier was identified as among the challenges faced by Coast Guard authorities from the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia in carrying out maritime response operations.
Pogos have made the language barrier as an excuse for hiring foreign workers.
RICHARLISON has admitted he is struggling with the language barrier as he attempts to settle in at Everton.
Summary: This has the capability to smash the language barrier
Given the language barrier, 27 percent say they find living in Taiwan difficult without a grasp of the local language.
"That pride extends from my bridge watch officers who spotted the Filipino mariners in the distance indicating distress by waving their shirts over their heads, to our Tagalog speakers who could break through the language barrier to determine the extent of the distress, and finally to my small boat team for their ability to tow the fishing boat to safety during heavy rain, lightning, and thunderstorms," Smith said.
Driving home the language barrier YOUR correspondent, Arfon Jones of Old Colwyn, suggests that road signs should be Welsh only.
Summary: New Delhi [India], May 8 (NewsVoir): Sqrrl, an investment app that makes financial services easy for young Indians, has launched the English language version of their existing app in eight more regional languages of India, to break the language barrier in financial inclusion.
"Maan Boli" can deliver without any language barrier and gap.
Acosta said he enjoys the camaraderie with players at the Centre, and any language barrier is overcome by mutual enjoyment of the sport.
But this group faces challenges such as illiteracy, digital divide and language barrier when accessing the KRA portal.

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