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Noun1.language lesson - a period of instruction learning a language
French lesson - instruction in the French language
German lesson - instruction in the German language
Hebrew lesson - instruction in the Hebrew language
lesson - a unit of instruction; "he took driving lessons"
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Fatima, aged ten, joined more than 60,000 people across Birmingham in the world's biggest language lesson.
"I promise you, there's a language lesson in everything I do," she said.
Among their topics are designing strategic classrooms: self-assessment in enabling self-regulated learning, grammar learning strategies instruction in the foreign language classroom: the case of students in degree programs in English, guidelines and materials for integrating language learning strategy instruction into the language lesson, teacher education for language learning strategy instruction: approaches and activities.
RichardPowell The change is merely changing Welsh as a second language lesson into Welsh as a first language lesson - no extra space needed on the curriculum, not much training as I'm guessing most Welsh as a second language teachers can already speak Welsh - they just need to adjust their lesson plans.
The post Chinese language lesson to start at UCy's Confucius Institute appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Third item will be introducing Italian language lesson in elementary schools as the second foreign language.
Their culture is then further enhanced when a foreigner comes to their countries to study, as he has to undergo a compulsory one-year language lesson before the commencement of their studies.
He also takes language lesson so he can speak to foreign audiences.
A Korean language lesson will air on Chinese national television for the first time, in an effort to help Chinese tourists overcome language-related problems when traveling around South Korea, organizers of the show said Wednesday.
Then, teachers should choose one skill that each language lesson will target and build a lesson or student project that not only teaches language skills but asks students to demonstrate P21 skills like problem solving, says an ACTFT presenter Lauren Rosen, director of Collaborative Language at the University of Wisconsin.
The process is simple; students can register on the website before selecting a Chinese tutor of their choice to conduct a 30 minute free Chinese language lesson online.
Places for each free language lesson are limited and will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis.

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