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Noun1.language requirement - a requirement that a student know certain languages
academic requirement - a requirement for admission to or completion of an academic program
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By lowering the English language requirement to the minimum score of CLB 4, and not requiring a job offer, SINP has eliminated two of the most common road blocks for skilled worker applicants to obtain permanent residence.
Despite its attractive benefits, few applicants would qualify for TWP because of its foreign language requirement.
Meanwhile the Nursing and Midwifery Council wants to lower the English language requirement for overseas health workers.
In the third stage, three teachers agreed to participate in an interview to go deep into their perception of the language requirement and how this language policy influenced their identities as learners and as professional language teachers in the past, at present, and in the future.
There is no language requirement in the new lyceum curricula, though, and many students choose other electives instead of languages.
In preparation for the imminent changes, public-sector employers should review their HR policies and practices to ensure that they reflect the fluency duty and language requirement.
The court disagreed, holding that the language requirement makes sense in order "to facilitate...
The expected behavior embodied in a natural language requirement is formalized as an assertion.
"[Even] on the assumption that the grounds set out by the German Government [the prevention of forced marriages] can constitute overriding reasons in the public interest, it remains the case that a national provision such as the language requirement at issue goes beyond what is necessary," the ECJ said.
The court found that the language requirement, introduced by Germany
Students in the 16 colleges in the University of North Carolina system are now allowed to use Cherokee language classes to fulfill their foreign language requirement for graduation.
"The manager said he thought the language requirement was odd, but he said he had checked it out with the head office.

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