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Noun1.language requirement - a requirement that a student know certain languages
academic requirement - a requirement for admission to or completion of an academic program
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In the third stage, three teachers agreed to participate in an interview to go deep into their perception of the language requirement and how this language policy influenced their identities as learners and as professional language teachers in the past, at present, and in the future.
The final essay in this volume is "Honors Students' Perceptions of Language Requirement as Part of a Global Literacy Competency" Katelynn Malecha and Anne Dahlman begin by describing the competency-based honors program at Minnesota State University and then the competency of global literacy before zeroing in on the topic of the language requirement The language requirement is part of the larger global literacy requirement designed to assure "ability to lead and serve in a multicultural world through increased self-awareness of one's own culture and its relationship to others [and] deepened understanding of other cultural perspectives.
In preparation for the imminent changes, public-sector employers should review their HR policies and practices to ensure that they reflect the fluency duty and language requirement.
The court disagreed, holding that the language requirement makes sense in order "to facilitate.
The expected behavior embodied in a natural language requirement is formalized as an assertion.
The court found that the language requirement, introduced by Germany
Students in the 16 colleges in the University of North Carolina system are now allowed to use Cherokee language classes to fulfill their foreign language requirement for graduation.
The court, however, ruled that the English language requirement did not amount to a breach of the couple's human rights and dismissed the case, The Daily Mail reports.
What he and other people who complain about being ineligible for some jobs because of a Welsh language requirement should realise is that, if they were educated in Wales, Welsh would have been a subject on the curriculum for most of their schooldays in most schools and if they failed to realise that learning the language similar to learning other skills would increase their job options, then it is their own fault.
The language requirement applies to all deploying Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians, whether or not you are part of a unit deployment.
Because of its international focus, the new degree program has a foreign language requirement.

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