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 (lăng′gwĭt, lăng-gwĕt′)
One that functions or is shaped like a tongue.

[Middle English, from Old French languete, diminutive of langue, tongue, from Latin lingua; see dn̥ghū- in Indo-European roots.]


rare anything resembling a tongue in shape or function
[C15: from Old French languette, diminutive of langue tongue]


(ˈlæŋ gwɛt)

any of various small tongue-shaped parts, processes, or projections.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Middle French languete, diminutive of langue tongue; see language, -et]
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Con respecto a esto, se presume que pudo suceder dada la relacion que Vivaldi mantuvo con el embajador de Francia en Venecia, un tal Jacques Languet, quien ademas de nombrarlo compositor oficial de la Embajada, le encargo un Te Deum y las serenatas Gloria e
acere pulvillos amant, inlitterati num minus nervi rigent (26) minusve languet fascinum?
El emblema XXXIII, Ingratitudine languet amicitia ("Con la ingratitud languidece la amistad"), esta dedicado al poeta Etienne Sauget, de Besancon / Stephanus Saugetus Vesuntinus (86).
32) Sigue siendo una lectura sumamente reveladora la Historia de la devocion al Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, en la vida de la venerable madre Maria Margarita, religiosa de la Visitacion de S[an]ta Maria del Monasterio de Paray Le-Monial en Carolois, escrita en frances por Juan Jose Languet, traducida a nuestro idioma por Juan de Loyola, 2 vol.
See for example a French treatise from the sixteenth century that argued in this manner and was translated into English several times, including in 1689: PHILIPPE DE MORNAY AND HUBERT LANGUET, VINDICIAE CONTRA TYRANNOS (eds.
90} (35) Juan Joseph Languet, Tratado/De la Confianza/En la Misericordia/De Dios.
In this context, we miss Castiglione's Book of the Courtier and the work of Melanchthon (the mentor of Languet and his Continental friends): upon Philip, at least, their influence was arguably greater than that of Tacitus.
Andrew Hadfield has written of the popularity in England of Hubert Languet and Philippe Duplessis' 1579 Vindiciae, Contra Tyrannos, a book which influenced the thought expressed in the Bond of Association, and, according to Hadfield, Shakespeare's play.
Languet was chief among a number of older men who acted as mentors to Sidney; he would alternately idolize and grow weary of them, for this preux chevalier was famously moody and bad-tempered, threatening to "thrust [his] dagger" into a servant he suspected of reading his private correspondence and challenging the Earl of Oxford to a duel when the earl called him a "puppy" in a public quarrel.
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