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 (lăng′gər, lăng′ər)
1. Lack of physical or mental energy; listlessness: "the languor of the men, induced by the heat" (Herman Melville). See Synonyms at lethargy.
2. A dreamy, lazy, or sensual quality, as of expression: "the clarity of her complexion, the length and languor of her eyelashes" (Jhumpa Lahiri).
3. Oppressive stillness, especially of the air: the languor of a hot July afternoon.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin, from languēre, to be languid; see languish.]

lan′guor·ous adj.
lan′guor·ous·ly adv.
lan′guor·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.languorously - in a languorous manner; "he was sprawling languorously on the sofa"
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[ˈlæŋgərəslɪ] ADVlánguidamente
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advträge; speakmit schläfriger Stimme; the soft, languorously sentimental mood of the poemdie weiche, schwül-sentimentale Stimmung des Gedichts; she stretched out languorouslysie räkelte or rekelte sich verführerisch
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We often feel, with Lowell, that 'he is the pure sense of the beautiful incarnated.' The poem is a romantically luxuriant wilderness of dreamily or languorously delightful visions, often rich with all the harmonies of form and motion and color and sound.
Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla opened the Pavane languorously, putting a strain on woodwind intonation which would have defeated many a lesser orchestra.
We watched graceful impala fly over huge tree trunks, ugly wart hogs snuffle their way round the bush, and elephants drink languorously in the water hole outside our tent.
Birds glide over the river that flows as languorously as a slow dance.
'It's no use meeting the right person too soon or too late.' Failed unions and mistimed romances leave characters filled with yearning, which Wong captures by filming his lonely characters staring into the distance, languorously smoking, sometimes in slow motion (or, even, in Fallen Angels, sadly smoking while masturbating or eating dumplings).
About being verbose, she tells me why are you using 'rambunctious' when you can use 'loud', why are you using 'languorously' when you should be using 'lazily'?
chair, but she has managed to slouch languorously, right leg slung over
A woman, Cecile Fatiman, a Vodou manbo priestess, started dancing languorously in the crowd, taken by the spirits of the lwa, African lunar Goddess, Erzulie Danthor.
It is a place where the sun shines strong on long stretches of white sand and wooden boats drift languorously on the viridian water that extends to the horizon.
My glances overwhelmed her and she turned her face from me, but the effect was apparent in the area below her waist which she shifted from right to left, raising herself slightly off the bed; then she settled down, her arms thrown out languorously, and resumed looking at me.