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adj. lank·i·er, lank·i·est
Tall, thin, and often ungainly. See Synonyms at lean2.

lank′i·ly adv.
lank′i·ness n.
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Noun1.lankiness - a tall and thin physique
body-build, build, physique, habitus - constitution of the human body
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طول وَنَحافَه
sem er mjósleginn


(lӕŋk) adjective
(of hair) straight, thin, and usually greasy.
ˈlanky adjective
thin, tall and not elegant. He is tall and lanky.
ˈlankiness noun
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He would have taken pleasure in his appearance if it were not for Molly with her ugly face and her lankiness and the slouching, round-shouldered gait which she had developed and which caused her enemies to call her "the crab." There was something wrong with her and while he still loved her, he wished oftener and oftener that she did not exist.
Everyone's favorite, with his blond lankiness and expressive face, his brain a Gatling gun of jokes ready to be sprayed into the appropriate place in any conversation.
Now, I'd always assumed, reasonably I think, that Sarah had gotten her lankiness from her father.
He was handsome, sun-kissed, and growing in the fortunate way that some boys do, avoiding both the adolescent perils of lankiness and chubbiness, always proportional, the ideal of the median.